I am single and got onto a single dating line and was contacted by a Robert Mcandrew. According to him a 50 year old single father (of a 7 year old daughter Rose) from Aberdeen in the UK. He imported cacao beans from Southern America and supply it to chocolate manufacture such as Beacon and Nestle. However he had an accent that sounded as if he was French. When I asked him about this, he replied that he grew up in Southern France, but his father lived for a time in South Africa and his mother was British. He used the following e-mail addresses and   He phoned me from a UK nr :  00 4470 31925791 He had a Skype address, but I see on my computer it is now removed.   He was planning to come to SA and wanted to buy property in SA.  He was supposed to land in Cape Town last night (5 May 2013) and take a connecting flight to OR Thambo. He asked that I should meet him at OR Thambo (on 6 May 2013). However, this morning he phoned me (from +27 748720913) and said he had a problem with Customs in Cape Town.  He had 600 000 BP in cash and Customs requires that he pay ZAR26 000.00 Tax on the amount  cash.  He said the Tax amount must be paid in ZAR and not BP. I looked at the website of Customs and said to him the amount that he could bring into the country in foreign currency is not limited.  He said he will send me the account nr.  into which the amount in ZAR must be paid, before he could leave Customs.  He promised me that he would pay me the amount into my bank account as soon as his flight landed in Johannesburg.   So I got an SMS from +27 748720913, (now his phone number…) that I should pay the R26 000.00 into the following Nedbank Account: Sylvester Ogbeide 1043202013 Nedbank 162145   I said he should give the phone to the Customs Officer.  When I asked him if we could continue the discussion in Afrikaans. He replied he can only speak British and Zulu. (According to me people in SA would say English and Zulu.) This person definitely did not had a “local accent” and sound as if he was French speaking. I said let’s continue then in Zulu. When I said the following in Sotho: “Dumela, O’kae?” he said “What?” I said slowly: Dumela and he ended the call.   I did not pay any money into the account.  But sent him a SMS to the +27 748720913 and said he should really not think I am an idiot. Customs would not have an account in a person’s name!  His friend should know that if the person at customs is an African he would not have a surname such as Dimish and would more likely speak Xhosa than Zulu if he is working in Cape Town and definitely with an accent, that would not sound French!!!!   Robert – if that is his name – phoned me later today and ask me what messages do I send him. Since then it seems his Skype id (with the only photo that I have of him, if that was him) disappeared.   So I really think that his guy (whatever his name is) is trying to cheat people out of money.  I am not sure if he is working from SA (he has a SA Nedbank account and a SA cell nr) of the UK (he has a UK nr) or if it is a syndicate operating in both countries (or even from another country).  I hope that you can look into this.  He did his homework.  There are chocolate manufactures near Aberdeen in the UK.  However there is no Robert Mcandrew register to vote in any county in the UK. When I asked him about that he said that because he is planning to permanently move to SA, he is busy “removing” his things from the UK. According to him his daughter pressed a pen into the camera of his computer so  when he skyped me I could not see him only a blurred screen. So I cannot even confirm if guy on the Skype photo is really the guy that I spoke to.

Report ID: 3760
Crime Category: Other
Province: Gauteng
City/Town: Vereeniging
Suburb: N/A
Address: Sandrastreet12, Risiville
Crime Date/Time: 6 May 2013, 00:05 AM
Reported By: Username3760
Reported Date: 6 May 2013, 20:05 PM
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  • Pretoria anominious 5 Nov 2014, 08:55 AM

    Robert McAndrew took also over R1million from me, everything are the same as above. We met in March 2013 on FB. I payed money for parcel, then it is releasing his money for fines, "lawyers fees" and flight tickets. I believed in him, romantic and all, never see him. Our relationship was on for 1 and 1/2 year telephonically, and mail until i lost everything and could not help him anymore. I was so blind, How could I be such a fool now he is busy with his next target

  • Anonomis 9 Jul 2013, 07:50 PM

    Hi there, OMG this is shocking! All the words sounds so familar. Can I please get the details of the bank manager at Nedbank Please! Does anybody know the following number? FNB branch 252155 62338199385 Early Light Trading Please let me know urgently SMS on 084 999 5194

  • Username3760 22 May 2013, 06:05 PM

    Well, almost scammed 2 maybe we should sent all this info to Standard and Nedbank. I am sure that they will be able to fika/ rika this guy and get a possitive ID for him...seeing that I closed his Nedbank account I suggest almost scammed 2, should take the same route with his Standard bank acccount. However, this confirms that he must have been in SA at least to open a new account...illegal immigrant???? That use the internet to redirect his telephone calls to a UK number????

  • almost scammed 22 May 2013, 08:06 AM

    The same story as Ina happened to me - the details everything the same. Only the bank details changed to B.C Heshu standard bank acc 074 290 762 (which I know was opened recently) and the amount was R6 450.00. I refused. This Robert still had the cheek to send me a soppy email again. My answer - rot in hell. I also got threatened.

  • Username3760 21 May 2013, 05:54 PM

    Hi Ina I contacted a Nedbank Bank Manager and sent her the same e-mail as the one this web site. Nedbank frose the account, but the bank managere said there were large amounts of money that sporadically was paid into the account. Send this to Nedbank (or where ever he is now banking???) He must Fika /Rika for his cell phone and bank somewhere there should be a photo of him or his accomplices. And take both my case and your to the local police station and open a case and inform them that he is threatening you.

  • ina6 21 May 2013, 03:29 PM

    The same Robert Mcandrew contacted me on a date site on the 9th of April. we communicated on the same email addresses then he also told me about the beans the supplies and he works in the cocoa industry he also told me he is from Aberdeen, he also has a little girl of 7 with the name Rose he also gave me the same uk telephone number and he wants to buy a house in SA.he then started contact me on yahoo messenger. He told me he has 600 000 pounds to do so, he then told me he wants to send me gifts and then send me a tracking numberhe. The parcel was suppose to reach me the 20th of May and the a Hans Tarlton phoned me from a cell number 27744498983 with a bad accent and told me the parcel is overweight in CT, I told him to speak to Mcandrew, he told me he can't get hold of him. I phoned him and he said he will find out.He phoned me back and told me that I must please pay R7460 the the parcel can be delivered to me. I refused. He now threatens me

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