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This woman is a con artist she scams people for a living. She takes payment from you and then Disappears. Prior to the wedding she said we can make the concluding payment after the job was done She had explain to my husband and I that we will get a pre-wedding shoot and on the day she said she met with an accident and missed her flight and could not make it and we can do an after wedding shoot then 2 days before the wedding she sends nasty messages stating that we did not conclude payment and that she will not do our wedding then said she will leave her team to do it unbeknownst to us that she did not have a team. After much badgering from Melanie and pathetic mannerism, not forgetting threats to leave us stranded for a photographer for our wedding, we made arrangements to pay her the balance of what was due to be paid after the job was complete, and she demanded an extra R1000 for so called "breach of contract", which was not the case. We then find out that our work was outsourced to Durban based companies. they were given incorrect times for our functions ect. Through out the wedding weekend we couldn't get a hold of Melanie and to date have not spoken to her as she does not take any calls nor return them. Through Gods grace, we took down the sub-contracted companies details and managed to get our memories, however, only after paying them even more money to release the pictures and videos. i believe that the duo need to be severely punished for their crimes, not just to us but to all those that have suffered. they also should be made to pay all the money stolen from us 
and the additional money that we had to fork up to get our memories for our special day from the sub-contracted companies.

Report ID: 3863
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: KwaZulu/Natal
City/Town: DURBAN
Suburb: N/A
Address: Durban
Crime Date/Time: 23 Sep 2012, 00:09 AM
Reported By: Username3863
Reported Date: 28 May 2013, 21:05 PM
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  • Username3863 24 Feb 2015, 05:24 PM

    Hi there..we never got any feedback about these people and their scams. We managed to get out stuff from the people she outsourced because my brother toook their details on the wedding day.

  • keanon 24 Feb 2015, 04:15 PM

    Hi could you help me I have come into contact with this duo and am struggling to get a hold of them. How did you guys get them to give you what was owed to you

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