Car Thieves

Please be on the lookout for a white Toyota corollaReg.  CYX276GP.  This car follows you until you park somewhereand then jams your remote signal when you try to lock your car.  They waitfor you to leave then open your car and steal any valuables inside yourcar.  My mom was their victim yesterday when she parked at work (Centre atDross on Malibongwe, Randburg).  A tall African male (late 30’s with abig build) got out of the Corolla and opened up my mom’s car looking forvaluables… When he couldn’t find anything in the car or boot of the car hewanted to enter the studio where my mom worked to get the car keys (my mom’scar can’t be hotwired).  Luckily security saw him approach the studio andhe ran back to his car and drove away.  This event was captured on CCTV

Report ID: 3877
Crime Category: Break In - Car
Province: Gauteng
City/Town: Randburg
Suburb: Linden
Address: Prospectus Centre, Malibongwe Drive, Randburg
Crime Date/Time: 29 May 2013, 00:05 AM
Reported By: Username3877
Reported Date: 30 May 2013, 13:05 PM
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