Illegal billing Cellspice

Just found out I'm being billed R7 per day for the last 7 days by Cellspice. I never subscribed to this service. Just received a welcome sms (only noticed this days later) as this sim is a data one connected to router.Apparently it is a site with adult content. If I was interested in downloading porn I would definately not pay R7 per day! Hopefully they will ne brought to justice.

Report ID: 3889
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: North West
City/Town: Klerksdorp
Suburb: N/A
Address: Data modem
Crime Date/Time: 26 May 2013, 00:05 AM
Reported By: Username3889
Reported Date: 31 May 2013, 22:05 PM
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  • xolani2 30 Oct 2014, 09:12 AM

    Seriously vodacom is unfair because they r de once allowing n when/ if I call them abt the cell spice problem it's like they were already waiting for my call

  • Alan14 7 Oct 2014, 07:28 AM

    Hi. I have just had this happen to me and it is now putting my reputation and job in question at work as i have a company cell phone. Please can someone advise what I can do further to protect myself and unsubscribe from this?

  • Mick 10 Sep 2014, 04:52 PM

    I have been illegally charged by Mira and cell spice - sometimes several times a day - as much as 4 times per day!!! this been going on for month on end - I am still reeling from it and digging deeper! How can Cell-C or any service provider allow this ?! It's criminal!! Anybody out there who is clever enough to give them some stick? Or at least help me with advise to really rough them up?? I feel like to sling several molotov cocktails in to their offices - if I just knew where they are??? Anyone?? I am a tough Guy - OHHH yes!!! In this effing country you got do do it yourself - police and Government are useless! Unfortunately one has to become a vigiolante!!

  • Mervin Venter 8 Aug 2014, 05:06 AM

    I had the same problem. Thanks for all the advice to help prevent this from happening again. Criminal. My service provider is autopage and I also have a vodacom account.

  • ajax 26 Apr 2014, 05:47 PM

    See the underhanded tactics they use to trick you into subscribing. Article here: Lodge a WASPA complaint at Cellspice MUST provide proof to WASPA that you subscribed and in that they MUST show exactly what links you clicked on. Quite likely they did the same as what transpired in the article. You should then easily get a refund.

  • A Mulder 4 Mar 2014, 01:57 PM

    Cellspice has been charging met for services that I was not aware of and that I certainly did not register for. Vodacom has however assisted me very promptly to unsubscribe the services. Hopefully the costs incurred will be refunded so I do not have to initiate legal action.

  • lucky14 4 Feb 2014, 11:46 PM

    Higuys ivbeen reading all above I'm also one of you from september 2013 till now I have to demand refund from vodacom

  • J G Beukes 29 Jan 2014, 10:17 AM

    Everyone fights with cellspice, my feeling is that Vodacom is as guilty for letting this sort of thing happen. My contract is with Vodacom, it is them taking my money and paying it over to cellspice. Vodacom should refund me!

  • Wayne Snyman 27 Jan 2014, 10:28 AM

    Good day all, Just to give feedback - I lodged a complaint on Saturday night and at 9 am today, I had been credited. I would advise each one of you to demand a refund for the illegal billing and to open a criminal case if you do not get refunded.

  • Wayne Snyman 25 Jan 2014, 11:15 PM

    I am laying a charge at the Police station against Vodacom, as well as against Cellspice tomorrow! I never registered for this service - I am not even into woman. I would advise that anyone who has been taken by these THIEVES go lay an official charge! Also, lay a charge against Vodacom for breaking the privacy agreements and handing out your number! These guys are going to see the consequences of doing what they have done!

  • Lisa14 21 Jan 2014, 03:22 PM

    I have been paying for a subscription that I was not aware of, I have never subscribed to this Cellspice!!! Up to date I have paid the amount of R624!!! The money was added to my Vodacom data account, and deducted via debit order. I definitely want a refund of all my money!!!! This must be taken further, its fraud!

  • Shocked 21 Jan 2014, 10:34 AM

    How do I get this damn cellspice thing removed. I never subsrcibed to anything, its a data account???

  • coporate 20 Jan 2014, 01:33 PM

    Yet another one here. Was notified today that my corporate cell phone account (also with Vodacom) is subscribed to CellSpice and being billed as per previous posts. I never signed up or requested the subscription. How the hell can this be allowed ?

  • Melinda2 9 Jan 2014, 09:24 AM

    I would like to state the following: this started in October/November. It is obviously a scam. Why are the cellphone providers still allowing the billing to happen? What portion of the R6.14 per day do they get? I think it sucks!!!!! I will stop my debit order and pay my bill excluding the porn site charges.

  • dennis4 7 Jan 2014, 07:40 PM

    I can't believe that I'm not alone in this. I'm claiming my money back from Vodacom. Why does Vodacom allow this to continue to happen?

  • john38 7 Jan 2014, 07:41 AM

    I have given my Inlaws 89 and 82 years old an Ipad, I pay the bill. Cellspice started billing them, apparently they send an sms to you asking to opt out, if not, you get billed. who gave them the number How do you opt out when it is not a cell and my inlaws do not know how to retrieve SMS's. These people are scum

  • YolandeB 5 Jan 2014, 08:53 PM

    I've also been billed R436 for mira on my December 2013 bill. The same thing is happening to a family member for the past two months. Cell c is not doing much to reverse the charges.

  • Emmanuel4 3 Jan 2014, 12:52 PM

    Just found out I have also been scammed. 20 days of billing @ R7 per day. check my billing for December and realize that some content services was charge to me i then phone vodacom to find out and they refer me to Mira.that a Crap because i never subscribe to any Mira Network.don't even use my Data most of the time.Vodacom is a Crap fora service provider for what u paid every month and then they want to rob you on top of that by subscribing u without u knowing anything - See more at:

  • Russell2 28 Dec 2013, 12:47 PM

    my 11yr old daughter was using my phone ... and I was billed R4366.00... if their marketing scam exposed my daughter to porn I'm contacting my lawyers

  • Collin3 18 Dec 2013, 11:14 AM

    Cellspice issues sorted after hounding them for days this is the message I got from guy named Brendon of cellspice "After reviewing the matter we would like to offer you a full refund of R91.00" so far no illegal billing since the 10th Dec 2013. I also reported the matter to WASPA. I will be watching my account like a hawk from now onwards.

  • Skip_ZA 13 Dec 2013, 10:56 AM

    They also Scammed Me Fraudulent! SO i have a ipad at Vodacom and put in a limit to stop unnecessary spending on the data side. I get an email that the device has used the limit and device is locked. I check online and i have alot of free data still available, so i Phone Vodacom: They tell me i subscribed to a Cellspice service which is 18 content for R7 a day!! Now obviously i didn't and cant understand how this happened. I stop the subscription immediately. Go see on Hellopeter alot of complaints. LOOKS like its a SCAM run by Cellspice and Backed by VODACOM!! If i didnt have a cap on my ipad this could have gone one for quite some time!!! People who dont watch their accounts can lose allot of money!!!!

  • Koos10 13 Dec 2013, 10:48 AM

    Cellspice must be stopped they took over R400.00 from my cell.Vodacom must be able to block this service, but maybe they wont cause they get a cut out of this deal.

  • Maniac 13 Dec 2013, 10:28 AM

    Had the same problem, except my mobile number was registered by a certain someone, I just phoned their call center (0213002831) situated in the South of Spain, and spoke to a lady called Emma, she supplied me with the exact date and time my phone was registered with them. She also advised me that it is possible to contact a service provider to block my number from registering for "wasp services" if I heard her correctly. Hope this helps.

  • Hennie20 4 Dec 2013, 10:48 AM

    Went through the whole thing as well. The answers given when you phone the 021 number is so glib that you can actually feel the scam. My sim is in a ipad therefore I cannot subscribe to such a service as the ipad does not have the capability of SMS or any such function. The amount is R154 but I would realy like to take on these nameless cowardly criminals!

  • Collin3 4 Dec 2013, 08:43 AM

    This criminals are at it again from the middle of November to date R6.14 has been billed to my out of bundle rates on my 3g Vodacom contract by "cellspice rubbish" just reported the matter to mweb to sort it out, got a reference number they promise to cancel all out of bundle extra charges by "cellspice" and I also reduced my out of bundle rate cap limit to a ridiculous low number. I will report back on the progress.

  • Wilma9 29 Nov 2013, 12:22 PM

    Just found out I have also been scammed. 14 days of billing @ R7 per day. Fortunately I have a voluntary limit of R100 on my data contract. Also only saw the sms this morning while trying to figure out why I reached my voluntary limit but still have a crap load of data available. Vodacom unsubscribed me (received sms to confirm). When I called cellspice they said I have not been unsubscribed as of yet and then unsubscribed me (received sms to confirm). Was told to contact there legal and compliance department if I have any further queries. What do they think, OF COURSE I HAVE QUERIES!!!! I NEVER SUBCRIBED IN THE FIRST PLACE!

  • Dries4 21 Nov 2013, 02:50 PM

    The hooligans have done the same to me. Mine is only a data subscription. I found an sms dated 16 November that I subscribed. Sent notice to have it cancelled. I believe they bought my number from a shithouse at Vodacom. Will see if they bill me.

  • Ivan Cwaile 20 Nov 2013, 09:00 AM

    I too have received messages yesterday evening 19/11/2013 congratulating me about my membership with cellspice. I have never heard about Cellspice in my life and will never be a member. Just remove my contact details from your data base as I will never support pornography. What will my children think of me? I will report this to ICASA should I get these messages again. I do not owe you a cent and you will not take a cent from me. Go look for your daily R7.00 somewhere and leave me alone.

  • Thamo Chetty 8 Nov 2013, 03:57 PM

    Looks like they got me also. Just notice that my data account was high. Upon checking found there was data content being billed. Strange. Then checked my October bill and found a data content charge of R195.99. Then contacted Vodacom and was told that I subscribed on the 30 November to this site. Most defintely didnot. Then asked Vodacom to have me unsubcribed and also called Cellpsice to have me unsubcribed. So now the total amount being riiped of is R 250.00. Can Vodacom not do something about this. I've emailed Vodacom... awaiting there response. Maybe I'm going to try Cellspice.

  • HEINRICH5 7 Nov 2013, 12:01 PM

    they have got me to it seems. will do the waspthing. thanx

  • Lorraine16 4 Nov 2013, 12:22 PM

    This is what I got in reply to my email. Heaven help them if this continues. I have noted that this is all happening on 3g and data connections... now if this is not an inside job... then tell me how do they know which numbers are Data connections??? Someone should answer for this and the Service Providers should be held accountable frankly! "If you would like to unsubscribe from the service, just SMS the word STOP to 43887 and you will be automatically unsubscribed from the service. .Alternatively, call our customer support team on 0213002831 and press option 1. .You can also go to our website and enter your unsubscribe request."

  • Sloop 17 Oct 2013, 03:31 PM

    Mornin Guyz n Galz,the way to stop these theivin pond scum pieces of shit is as follows.go to vodacom site, register your phone,login to your account,go to my vodacom,go to manage my services,goto WASP services and unsubscribe from there, it will unsubscribe you immediatley. like all you guyz above they caught me for bout 35 days, if you can prove u didnot sign up u may have a slim chance to get ur money back. LOL Yhea Right

  • ches 14 Oct 2013, 10:45 PM

    same here. got my bill today and immediately phoned vodacom to ask what this content service was - they seemed well aware of it but accused my of first subscribing, then opening an sms, then saying I clicked a link which automatically sent an sms. I did no such thing. In fact I have not even open the above its a data modem. taken screen shots and vodacom should be able to confirm these were never opened and smses were never sent.

  • Stephen19 9 Oct 2013, 02:17 AM

    I recieved a sms asking me to subscribe or opt out. I have never visited their web site. Sneaky. I opted out but will contact my service provider to find out if i am paying already. Has anyone used the contact details given by cellspice and if so what was the outcome?

  • Cellspice 27 Sep 2013, 12:27 PM

    Dear Complainant , We would be more than happy to try and find an amicable resolution to your query.Please contact us on 021 300 2831 or alternatively send an email to Regards, Customer Support Cellspice

  • Username4679 24 Sep 2013, 11:45 PM

    The exact same thing has been happening to me. Cellspice have been illegally deducting R7 per day from my Vodacom account since 26 August 2013. What I can't understand is how does a company like Vodacom allow these type of criminals to freely utilise there systems and do absolutely nothing to prevent it! 'I suppose it makes no difference to them - they make money either way'.

  • Siyanda 18 Sep 2013, 10:12 AM

    Cellspice has also stolen money from me ... is this how they survive, by stealing money from innocent unsuspecting people ... they are so cruel ! Unfortunately I only noticed 31 days later and they had already deducted R217. Cellspice deducted airtime from a number that I use for data so I did not get any sms to even warn me about this subscription. The explanation I got from them is that you have to complete details when you subscribe and I did not complete any details. How does Vodacom allow this ! There are many companies involved in the whole scam. Vodacom referred me to Mira network and they also referred me to Cellspice. Cellspice is the company that is to blame at the end of the day, they have stolen my money and have not refunded me.

  • Morne16 19 Aug 2013, 10:09 PM

    I have also been had and is so frustrated with this. Aren't there a lawyer between us or how do we collectively bring these people to justice.

  • Johan20 17 Aug 2013, 10:29 AM

    Same here

  • Elsabe Wentzel 13 Aug 2013, 12:30 PM

    I have just realized that I have been paying R362 for this service that I have not subscribed to - this is since June 2013.Surely we must be able to report this and get our money back.

  • Joseph5 6 Aug 2013, 01:20 AM

    How does one Unsubscribe? Am loosing alot of money n vodacom is doing nothing to assit in resolving this

  • tabisa sindile 4 Aug 2013, 11:22 AM

    Unsubcribe me now!

  • M le Roux 1 Aug 2013, 09:28 AM

    I have recieved a reminder message that im subscribed to Cellspice @ R7/day. I have ignored it as i thought it was just another hoax. However i recieved my mobile account and noticed that i have been billed for the complete month of June and July 2013. How is this possible that a company can just bill you without subscribing onto their website and no verification and reference no are given. PS im not on Vodafone this is on MTN.

  • Cellspice 31 Jul 2013, 03:35 PM

    We would be more than happy to try and reach an amicable resolution to this matter. Please contact us on 021 300 2831 or alternatively send an email to Regards, Customer support. Cellspice

  • Wikus Venter 20 Jul 2013, 10:00 AM

    I too have been and still am a victim of this Cellspice scam supported by Vodacom. Y

  • Matsatsi.Sibiya 10 Jul 2013, 10:07 AM

    this is a day light robbery, look i am old enough that i always know who i call with my phone , for them saying maybe i sign in by mistake that is double pile of shit if you ask me. I receive my contract Airtime on the 1st of every month but because of this Cellspice, my Airtime is all gone I have'nt made a single call from that phone as I speak, I dont know what to think anymore

  • M.A. du Plessis 4 Jun 2013, 08:56 AM

    I too have been and still am a victim of this Cellspice scam supported by Vodacom. You will never get your money back, and Vodacom wiil just lead you into the bush and pass the buck. I am changing my service provider. I think that if all of us stood together and collectively laid criminal charges against VODACOM and Cellspice we my be able to rid the country of these thieves

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