On my way to work this morning, driving on the North East Expressway, this taxi was driving dangerously close behind my vehicle.  There was nowhere for any of us to go as there was a queue of cars on the Expressway and there was only a 2-car distance between me and the guy infront of me.  The taxi tried to overtake us in the yellow line and then suddenly swerved in the opposite direction and wanted to overtake on the other side.  He overtook me, but just barely as there was someone infront of me.  He cut me off and forced me into the yellow line, narrowly missing the barrier.   This was deliberate reckless endangerment and he should not get away with driving like this! And it was all for nothing as he remained right infront of me and we had to stop for the queue of cars infront of us to turn right (crossing the NEX into Southernwood).  While we were standing still I managed to take a photo of the taxi and its numberplate.  He is going to kill someone!

Report ID: 3950
Crime Category: Reckless Driving
Province: Eastern Cape
City/Town: East London
Suburb: N/A
Address: North East Express Way
Crime Date/Time: 10 Jun 2013, 00:06 AM
Reported By: Username3950
Reported Date: 10 Jun 2013, 08:06 AM
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  • king5 12 Jun 2013, 04:59 PM

    Report that fucken ass hole to the police. He must get shoot in the bum. Hate their driving. Some of them are not bad

  • JOHAN74 11 Jun 2013, 02:29 PM

    NEXT TIME- DON'T BUDGE INTO THE YELLOW LINE! if he bumps you, he will be delayed so much more- seeing that he is already in such a "hurry". ALL ROAD USERS MUST BECOME VIGILANT AND STAND THEIR GROUND.

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