Is Hunting only for White People?

Below is an email that i have sent to the owners of Moreson Ranch, where we had this terrible experience...
Awie/Tielman /Marieetjie I would like express my utter disgust at the terribleweekend we spent at your Moreson Ranch. Firstly we had booked and paid for the weekend with the solepurpose of hunting, I had advised you of this and was ensured that we wouldbe afforded this. Few points to note on our pathetic waste of a weekend ·        No mention was made of NO huntingon Sundays and public holidays. We would not have booked your place and wastedour weekend if we were told this, we could have went elsewhere. ·        We requested at least  2 sessions ofhunting and only got 2 rushed hours  ·        The countless rules and DO NOT DO THIS wasnot mentioned and only told to us on arrival·        The different conflicting stories, fibs andexcuses that were handed out between Awie, Marietjie and Hendrik  made uswonder whether RACE is an issue, if this was the case you should have advisedus when booking.·        Your excuse of not being able to hunt today wasthat there were no skinners working today, so I assume those 3 carcasses thisafternoon magically skinned themselves.·        You could easily assist people last week withextra blesbok and cleaners at short notice, my fellow WHITE  colleaguesand friends gave me a different story and are quite surprised when I mentionedto them my horrific experience·        Why  were we not allowed to hunt on Monday,when clearly there were people hunting??·        Finally Awie /Tielman – IF you have timerestrictions and need to attend to family commitments kindly advise us PAYINGClients beforehand so that we can take our business elsewhere and not besubjected to your bullying tactics ,YOUR FAMILY COMMITMENTS IS NOT MY PROBLEM,IWAS PROMISED A WEEKEND OF HUNTING AND PAID FOR THE ACCOMODATION IN ADVANCE, YOUCOULD HAVE CANCELLED AND WE COULD I HAVE WENT ELSEHWERE.·        We really do not appreciate the servicereceived.  ·        We were paying for a service which was NONexistent, if you cannot provide the service because of YOUR family commitmentsor because of our skin colour or religious beliefs advise us, just as it is your right of admission it is OUR right toget the service we pay for.  We were referred to you by professional hunters (EXCOmembers on PHASA) and I have been advised by them to take this up formally withPHASA and CHASA and as well as the National consumer forum for misleadingclients  We are certainly going to take this matter up further 

Report ID: 3992
Crime Category: Racism
Province: Free State
City/Town: Vrede
Suburb: Moreson Ranch
Address: Is Hunting only for White People?
Crime Date/Time: 16 Jun 2013, 00:06 AM
Reported By: Username3992
Reported Date: 19 Jun 2013, 12:06 PM
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  • Shahista Khan 26 Dec 2013, 11:20 AM

    My family visited Moreson Ranch on the 24/12/2013 and had a very similar experience. Entering through the pub we were greeted with stares and snickers. After purchasing tickets for a few people to play with the cubs, we were rushed through it and then told by the drunken owner that the money paid wasn't very much. We found the staff at Moreson Ranch to be very unprofessional and they came across as uneducated about the animals as well. I have travelled extensively throughout South Africa and visited places that Moreson Ranch cannot even come close to being compared with in terms of size and variety of wildlife but the service was exceptional. Moreson Ranch, its staff and owners have a long way to go in respect of hospitality, knowledge of lions, citizens of South Africa and being human beings.

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