Hyundai Getz for sale

I was looking for a car to buy and found a Hyundai Getz being sold for cheap on Gumtree. I responded by e mail saying I am interested in buying the car and would like to see it.This is what 'Linda Strydom' the seller e mailed below. I even said I'll fly to the UK and she didn't reply to my e mail.. Please watch out people. ' I am sorry but is to late for we can to meet and inspect the car because I am already in United Kingdom with my job and the only way that we can close this deal is to make the transaction through eBay.I am a verified eBay seller and I have a purchase protection account with them so the transaction will be done through eBay for our guarantee.The car is already in the custody of the transport company AAAuto Trans Ltd in South Africa and they will make all necessary for transport the car to your home address, delivery time will be approximately 2-3 days. I will pay the delivery fees so you don't need to worry.
You will have a 5 days inspection period to test it. During this inspection period you can drive it, take it to a mechanic, you can do anything you want with it, just don't wreck it. If the car is what you expected, you will just have to sign the documents. If not, you will receive your money back and they will send the car back on my expense. I know the condition of this car, and you will be very satisfied, I am pretty sure of this.If you dont trust me please visit and check with the transport company.The tracking number is XELGK20JWU-3Email: info@aaauto-trans.comTel: 0027/(0) 31 813 5739
The car, comes with insurance covered by me of course until you take the ownership, keys, logbooks, clear title, full service plan and all the papers signed so you can easy transfer the car on your name. All the costs will be paid by me. I don't have a outstanding amount on the car at a bank or financial agency as I paid cash for it. I have two more persons interested in buying the car so please send  me your full name, address and phone number if you are ready to buy it. After that the staff from eBay will send you an invoice with all instructions and details necessary.
Kind regardsDr. Linda Strydom

Report ID: 4015
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: N/A
Address: Dr Linda Strydom
Crime Date/Time: 24 Jun 2013, 00:06 AM
Reported By: Username4015
Reported Date: 25 Jun 2013, 18:06 PM
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  • Username4139 25 Jul 2013, 07:26 PM

    i have just caught on about this scam, please could any one advise me as too what steps i need to take regarding this matter. contact me on 011 945 2328

  • mickey2 9 Jul 2013, 04:27 PM

    Jus thot I should check for a fraud notice on that name. Same thing jus happened to me. Was looking for a bmw e46 and that is the same tactic used to try and swindle me. i insisted on seeing and testing the car like any serious buyer would like to do. Thanks for the heads up. Though some people will fall for that thing.

  • ryan10 8 Jul 2013, 11:18 AM

    I got exactly the same generig reply to a 2003 Audi A3 1.8t.

  • mike3 2 Jul 2013, 06:23 PM

    I got the exact same email but for a ford fiesta on junkmail.

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