Fraud and theft

12 August 2013   AFFIDAVIT   I, Karen Ruth Ruzicka, do hereby swear under oath, that the following Affidavit is true and correct, and legally binding on my conscience.   I met Mrs Jennifer du Plessis, ID No: 570 831 0191 1088, at Monte Casino in the Fourways area, during late August/early September 2012. She is a compulsive liar, and a master at the art of conning people, not only out of their financial resources, but also of their worldly possessions.   I and many other honest and decent people, that she has been in contact with during the past eighteen months, have also suffered great loss. I would make mention of the fact that Jennifer du Plessis was previously convicted of fraud and theft, and served a sentence in Diepkloof prison, according to her own mother. I have no knowledge of any further incarcerations, but sincerely believe that she is a serious menace to society. She has been in the extortion racket for many, many years, again according to her mother and I believe that she should again be apprehended and re-incarcerated for her criminal activities, as:   She sold various household items to furniture dealers (without permission) to the value of approximately Items, not belonging to her, were pawned for financial gain She has accosted various persons at Monte Casino to aid her financially Absconding from her physical address with a vehicle which did not belong to her.  She has falsified her ID No and her marital status. She is not in possession of a Driver’s License. I presume that she is once again homeless and on the prowl for more innocent victims   She is believed to be operating in the Cape Town area at present. She is a large female (wears XXXL T-Shirts and a size 42 Jeans). She is approximately 1,72 Meter tall. Her hair is very short (boyish and cropped) which was very grey at the time she absconded (may have now been recoloured). She wears glasses, has a full, round face, full lips, light brown eyes, a double chin and has distinct scars on both her wrists (due to an alleged previously attempted suicide). She battles to walk in closed shoes as she has a large bony outcrop on one of her heels. She very seldom wears dresses but prefers either, long pants or three-quarter pants, with a T-Shirt. She is also an uncontrolled Diabetic and, according to her, a victim of cancer, often visiting Johannesburg General Hospital. Because of her irregular eating patterns, I believe she will need medical help in the near future. I therefore request that this notification be distributed to all State Hospitals/Clinics.   Her prey is mainly found in the Casino environment and is a gold cardholder at: Monte Casino, Emperor’s Palace, Carnival City, Emerald Casino and Carousel – to name but a few!    She is of above average intelligence and excels in general knowledge. She speaks both English and Afrikaans fluently and is conversant in a few of the African languages.   Her approach to the victims is that she was gang raped in the Pretoria area approximately 14 years ago, disemboweled and left for dead in the veld! She is both extremely PERSUASIVE , AND CONVINCING in her TOTAL UNTRUTHS – SO ALL SHOULD BE ON THE ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!   Another very important factor in her “ROLE PLAY” is that she has apparently inherited a vast fortune (between 20 and 35 million) from her Late Grandmother. Should anyone be able to assist her financially, during the interim period – SHE WILL REIMBURSE THE VICTIM WITH DOUBLE AND THE MONEY SHOULD BE AVAILABLE IN THE VERY NEAR FUTURE! SHE HAS, IN HER POSSESSION, FORGED CERTIFICATES AND LETTERS TO THIS EFFECT! Should anyone be approached insist on being able to peruse the documents VERY CAREFULLY. These abovementioned “stories” are chief means of reeling innocent people (predominantly female) in. Be aware that there are many other FABRICATIONS that she is fully capable of! KAREN RUZICKA

Report ID: 4294
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: Fourways
Address: Gauteng
Crime Date/Time: 1 Aug 2012, 00:08 AM
Reported By: Username4294
Reported Date: 12 Aug 2013, 10:08 AM
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  • Herman9 9 Jun 2015, 04:50 PM

    She is back and operating in the Pretoria region

  • Herman9 9 Jun 2015, 04:48 PM

    She is back and in the Pretoria region

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