These guys has an ad on gumtree selling these import car in Durban , I contacted them , they were very convincing saying that they will help me with the registration process and everything .The details they gave was all legit so I decided to go to Durban to go and check it out , They advised they can pick me up at the airport , My father in-law and I got there about 9.20 they came about 10 min later to pick us up, While driving they got a call saying the car I originally came for was sold now , but they can offer me something else  , they took us to the dealership , export and import motors around the corner from the Point police station , We went to the dealer they showed us the car ,They now showed me a golf 5 I can have for the same price , Everything seemed very real because we test drive the car and they had papers the dealer took all my details and everything , I then agreed to take the car , I then paid R30 000 so long and said I will pay the rest once I get the car , These guys were so confused after they received the money because I told my father in-law to stay with one and I stayed with another one , they then said we must go for the registration , They told me to go over the road to do the registration and my father in-law stood with the other guy ,Just when I crossed the road the one with my father in-law ran and the one with me also started running  , we tried chasing them but another car came and took them away, There was so many guys involved in this scheme .Another guy appeared out of the blue and said he will show us the police station around the corner , When we got there the cops advised they were looking for these guys for a long time and they were wanted, When they went to that police station we didn’t even go the charge office for our statement the went straight to a detective to log to the case, These guys then probably got a tip off that we were at that specific police station and called saying they will give the money back , The police told me they will take my father and myself  they  will take us to this place to wait for this guys, In this time my wife phoned me , I explained to her what was happening and she said we need to get away from there  and get to the airport. She was booking a flight back, Once she spoke to me I then only realised that the police was in on this scheme with these guys , My wife then called back and said she  arranged with a friend of hers brother to pick us up at that police station to take us to the airport ,I asked the police to take us back to the station ,because someone was there to fetch us , They were very hesitant to do that and wasn’t happy about this, but they took us back  , This guy then picked us up and dropped my father in-law and myself at the airport , Once we got there we realised that there was no flights for the same day first flight was 6.45 on the 08.09.2013,My wife booked the flight from cape town and sent me the details to me , So now I had to wait at the airport till the next morning , We got to the airport by 4.30pm the Saturday afternoon , so we had a long wait but that was the safest , I took a chance to speak to the police at the airport because we felt our lives are endangered because the guys that took the money was calling me all the time Because I have their pictures and the picture of the one guys passport , The police there advised us to stay there and stay under the camera's in case anything happens ,That police was very helpful , but one of these guys from the airports police  called point police station and advised that we were still at the airport , Just after one the morning Point police station flying squad came there to fetched myself and my dad because they found the guys , I just convinced them its fine and I didn’t want the money because if I left there they would've killed my father and myself .The case was logged for this not sure what will be done with this seen police helps these guys ,    

Report ID: 4542
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: KwaZulu/Natal
City/Town: DURBAN
Suburb: Point
Address: 240 Silverglen chatsworth/176 blamley road montclaire
Crime Date/Time: 8 Sep 2013, 00:09 AM
Reported By: Username4542
Reported Date: 9 Sep 2013, 09:09 AM
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  • Tyler2 14 Dec 2013, 02:37 PM

    I cannot belive it. In January I nearly dealt with him for a golf 4 and he told me the exact same thing about it being sold and then he told me if I hand over R34500 he would try and find another one for me. I thought that was abit of a joke and decided no to deal with him.

  • kerwin 17 Nov 2013, 11:40 AM

    Myself and 3 others have also had our money stolen from us.in my case we saw the cars and the paperwork.We kept one guy with us while we waited 4 delivery inwhich they said only a truck can deliver the cars.when they realised we would not let go of their friend they sent police men and 1 women 2 arrest us.at the police station the cops wanted money from us and later let us go.if any1 needs more info my Bbm pin is 2a797503.or wataspp 0824968642

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