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I was contacted by a person earlier this week, as he got my contact details through my business card.  I was informed that he is interested in my clothing business and would like to meet.  I arranged a meeting with my partner earlier this week, showing prices, samples and units.  I was scammed today into helping my so called prospective buyer, to give him a loan to sort out his deposit he required between his boss and another customer of his.  All of this was done in a very manicured manner where it all seemed above board and all i was doing was to help him sort out what is needed to get funds to continue with my clothing sale, the loan was just helping him to secure his other business. I was introduced to both parties of his business, i was showed paperwork, pics, all sorts of things which made me think this was all real.  I stupidly drew cash, because i was told that transferring money not possible as their accounts are not in S.A. i was promised the money will be given back in a hour.The owner requested to only speak to me, and asked the agent to leave us, as he was trying to do business only with me, he requested i take him back to his hotel so he can secure the deposit for this agent.  in return he gave me the agents envelope to secure the deposit.  i felt better about this, as i still did not realize that these guys were all working together and i thought if i at least keep his envelope all will be well.  He left the car.  I realized 2 min later i was scammed and called them both, which both of them informed me not to worry all is fine.2 minutes later, all people involved phone numbers did no longer work.All this happened in a very short while, between Protea hotel, ICC and windermere centre.they are working under the names of Faheema/Amos/Thabani and i could not get the young guys name.This is a syndicate and are extremely good at what they are doing as it is very well Planned and acted out.I did not see this coming -my instinct was to help the "poor" agent to secure my future business of selling my stocks, seemingly this clouded my perspective of what was actually going on.I am hoping to warn people out there of these 4 people.  I have reported it, and hope that cameras in and around areas will help me identify these criminals.  

Report ID: 4721
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: KwaZulu/Natal
City/Town: DURBAN
Suburb: Durban
Address: Protea hotel North beach
Crime Date/Time: 2 Oct 2013, 00:10 AM
Reported By: Username4721
Reported Date: 2 Oct 2013, 17:10 PM
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