false profets

I was on my way home to Lonely Park, just when I exit the Mega City entrance walking towards the bus and taxi renk to catch a taxi. A guy came besides me telling me he's form Botswana Lobatse, he wants a man who is very sick who's admitted to Bophelong Hospital. He makes like he's desperate looking for help. Then he'll start telling you that, he's a profet who help people with water, muti and he shall show you people who are bewitching you on the mirror, then suddenly the other pass by he'll call him too, then ask the two of you to tell each what did you eat last night as hes took a distance far away from you, praying and he"ll ask you to raise your hands up when you done. then he'll call the first guy closer to him as he stands a distance away from the other guy, then he tell you what the other guy ate...and tell you to go back to him and tell him to approach him too, he makes it too convincing. He'll tell you he wants to show you people who bewitch on the mirror but he cant do that in a public place because his ancestors will be disturbed because people who are passing there, some are pregnant, some are experiencing period cycles...he'll request the two of you to pick a sport where there's no too much traffic. As you proceed to find the spot, he'll remain behind you making or speaking in toungs then he'll follow you. when you arrive at the sport. He'll ask the other guy to go find three small stones, he'll tell him to leave his phones, jewelery, money with us, then he'll pray and tell, fake proficy him telling you what happend to him what his problems and ask you to ask him about those as he arrive with those stones. when you ask the guy the guy will become emotional making it real. like he's touched. The next thing will be your turn to go find those stones. You'll be instructed not to look back as ancestors would be angry and things wont be according to plan and as you proceeds to find those stones, they tell you you must not run. Remember like the first guy, you left everything with them...by the time you return with the stones they'll be long gone. The once who claims is a profet is slender, small nose and has a belly stomach, the other one a partner, the man who pretends he's just passing by is fat, big nose, scars on his head, he has a dissability on left leg, it bend a bit. These two they are pros they well rehearsed their story...they ran away with my Blackberry 9320 smartphone, nokia phone, 2 CDs and my back pack.

Report ID: 4798
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: North West
City/Town: Mafikeng
Suburb: Mmabatho
Address: Mafikeng Mega City area
Crime Date/Time: 13 Oct 2013, 00:10 AM
Reported By: Username4798
Reported Date: 13 Oct 2013, 21:10 PM
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