Satinsky 'broke' into my complex thrice

My employer, Satinsky, unlawfully entered my living complex sans my permission. Monday, 12 Aug, 13 Aug & Wed 21 Aug. They harassed both myself & pregnant fiancé, falsely accusing us of being Junkies (due to a valid Doctors note by Dr. Burger @ Netcare as she diagnosed me with Bronchitis). 
They also slandered my fiancé by calling her ex boss (Andrew Scheepers - ScS) and making up falsities. They've also gotten personal and have had the audacity to contact my mother. This is personal. I have been given the right by Mrs. Hitchkock at the PTA North Mag. Court to ensure she doesn't hurt herself or those around her due to alcoholism. They called her, upsetting her, and slandering me falsely to my mother due to a sick note they unlawfully tried to bully me into not following. 
Above the slander and unlawful entry, they are refusing to pay me for time worked in August. This was equal to two weeks pay @ R30000/month. So they've in essence also stolen R15000 from me. 
I have reason to believe that their ambassador for the SA constitution does not have true credentials, as I know he spent most of his adult life farming. It takes time to study law. Not a two or three year hands on...

Report ID: 4935
Crime Category: Break In - Other
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: Faerie Glen
Address: 012 9994600 Haymeadow Cres, Boardwalk, Faerie Glen Pretoria (Gauteng)
Crime Date/Time: 12 Aug 2013, 00:08 AM
Reported By: Username4935
Reported Date: 28 Oct 2013, 08:10 AM
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