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I saw an add on Facebook regarding outsourced typing for extra income, responded to the mail addres and received this mail:From: Outsourced Typing [outsourcedtyping@vodamail.co.za]
Good day,                  I have received your Email, thank you. Please read the below carefully and only reply if you are truly interested. This is a real opportunity and responding to candidates that are not truly interested takes up a lot of our resources.  The following is more info regarding the Admin opportunity you have expressed interest in: As an Administrator, the following will be expected from you:                                                          ·          Access to a Computer (whether it is your own computer or at work during quiet times or even the Internet café is of no importance ? as long as you have one) ·          Constant Internet Access ? you will be working ?online? ·          a valid E-mail account ·          a South African bank account (in order for you to receive payment) ·          You must also be able to conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times. You have to be a ?people person?. This includes having excellent grammar and spelling when communicating with clients via E-mail ·          In addition to the above requirements, you must be able to follow instructions closely and completely All contact will be via E-mail - you will not be required to call anyone at any time. The point behind the ?virtual industry? is to cut down on office overheads after all. This allows you to work whichever hours are most convenient for you (days, nights, or weekends). You will need a word processing program in order to perform some tasks successfully (Microsoft Word or Open Office etc.) Once you have received the training materials, you can start working from home today, or where ever you choose to conduct business. Whether you are employed or unemployed you can still apply for this. Especially with the festive season coming up, those who are not going away, this a great way of making some extra income and everyone welcomes extra income especially over the festive season. You can do it part time in the evenings or over weekends or full time. Whatever is convenient to your schedule? To the unemployed this can be something you might consider doing while you are looking for something permanent should you then decide to take a permanent position. That is exactly what I did, I was unemployed and had nothing to do but look for work. I honestly never had to take up any of the positions that I had gone for interviews as this was more than enough income and I have not looked back since. I have been doing this for quite some time now and don't regret it for a moment. I spend around 7 hours a day (including evenings when my kiddies are sleeping) 5 days a week and make enough money to provide well for my family. I myself am a parent with children and I am at home with them, comfortable and earning money at the same time. And I don't have a boss breathing down my neck. THE WORK - You will be processing Email applications, typing, as well as filling out forms in specific company databases (this tends to be tedious at times, so please be sure that you have the patience to do so before proceeding). This is why you will need to have basic Internet knowledge, though the training provided will give you step-by-step instructions on how to perform these tasks properly. You will not be required to recruit people or send out chain emails. You will NOT be cold calling or selling products. This is actual admin work from home. There are no "down-times" with this opportunity however, you are able to take on as much or as little work as you wish. The amount of income you make each week is entirely up to you, and how much time and effort you are willing to put in with this opportunity. The average person makes R 2500 - R 4500 per week, for approx. 2-5 hours spent online per day. I cannot stress this enough ? No one can stand behind you with a whip and force you to work so we cannot estimate or guarantee what you will earn. This is an exciting opportunity and it is very REAL. The constant influx of work is overwhelming. Once an applicant has registered, they are considered an Independent Processing Operator.  You will be given the ?tools? in order to function independently. This means that your taxes will not be taken out; therefore, you will not be provided with any tax forms. This is entirely your responsibility. The training provided will go more in depth about what to do with your taxes.  THE INCOME - You will receive your pay through EFT?S or direct deposit.  When an application is completed successfully, R150.00 will be paid to you on the same day.  An application is not complete until you have received payment in other words.  Please do not wait for a paycheck at the end of the month ? this is not going to happen. You will be paid per task/application when and if it is completed. The money ?trickles? into your account all throughout the month THE TRAINING - We require a fee of R250.00 for our training. For two reasons (1) it safeguards us from those applicants who really just want to waste our time by allowing us to set them up, train them and then they conveniently don?t do any work. (2) It covers our admin costs and registration fees. It is non-refundable. This line of work is not for everyone, please think carefully before you proceed with your application, we would hate for you to feel out of pocket or done in. You have to be willing to put in the hours to earn the money. Upon completion of your registration and receipt of payment, your profile is forwarded to the training department where they begin the setup process with you. Keep in mind that the sooner you go through the training materials, the sooner you will start earning money. It takes the average applicant a day or so to work through the training manual after which they can start working immediately. I can be contacted via E-mail at any time after you have received your training materials to help you, or answer any questions you may have. If you consider yourself an appropriate candidate meet all the requirements, and are responsible enough to work independently, then please contact me via E-mail and I will send you the relevant registration form so you may get started. Kind RegardsI applied immediately and paid the R250 for training and received a document with tips how to advertise, set up your own rates and pay your own taxes.
SO you pay R250 to get tips on how to do it YOURSELF!!!!

Report ID: 5164
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: North West
City/Town: Rustenburg
Suburb: Central
Address: all over SA
Crime Date/Time: 21 Nov 2013, 00:11 AM
Reported By: Username5722
Reported Date: 25 Nov 2013, 08:11 AM
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    Thank God I read this before I send in the money . I also received the same email . I also started emailing them questions about their physical address and no one is replying.Hope they rot in hell!

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