I received an sms:  My full names - "Your Ref no SA7P39A has been activated and your payment has been approved.  You have to pay R1 350 for the Courier delivery Charges of R250 000.00 to (my exact street address).  Contact Michael Lauren on 0218395302 or RICA Centre on 0813139762 for payment instructions.  I phoned them from my landline wanting to hear the latest scam.  It's amazing. Firstly, the guy pretended to put me through to Michael but I then spoke to the same person again.  I asked him where the prize of R250 000 is being sent from and he said Cape Town.  I live in the Garden Route and there is no courier that is going to charge that amount to deliver an envelope as I assume they are sending me a cheque and not cash.  I asked him if they could do an EFT and he said this is fine, but the cost of that would be R1 550.  I told him this was a scam and I put the phone down.  The bugger actually called me back twice.  Interesting thing is, Vodacom contacted me on Friday for a special offer, which I took.  I gave them the same address (it's not my home address, so not widely known).  Which brings me to the conclusion that somehow my information was shared.

Report ID: 5178
Crime Category: Other
Province: Western Cape
City/Town: George
Suburb: N/A
Address: George
Crime Date/Time: 26 Nov 2013, 00:11 AM
Reported By: Username5178
Reported Date: 26 Nov 2013, 09:11 AM
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  • Linda Walker 1 Mar 2014, 08:53 AM

    Rica call centre scams still going around. I received yesterday claiming I won R250 000.00. Ref no: SA7P39A. Please stop this people.

  • Neil8 26 Nov 2013, 05:02 PM

    I was sent this sms saying I won. " Congratulations you have won R195,000 and a laptop in rica yearly promotion. Your ref no: LR2P . Contact Mrs Julet on : 081 333 8546 . I phone and a man said she wasn't there n I ended the call. A few minutes later I phoned again and there she was apparently but sounded strange and I spoke to 2 men before that and then came that voice like someone was holding something infront of there mouth speaking. Asked if I want the cash or cheque and I knew somehow it wasn't right and I said cheque and she asked said I must send my details stating my name, address, province, and awards code refno. Then she asked could I pay a courier fee of R1200 and I said no I dnt work n they said then can't I lend the money somewhere and pay the person back when I get the cheque and I said no1 will give me money cos I dnt wrk and she said then I won't be able to get the rewards cos I have to pay the amout for the courier and I said then its fine cos I dnt hav money n I said bye then and hanged up the phone. What aload of bull. Ai people will get nowhere scamming others!

  • Nancy6 26 Nov 2013, 04:41 PM

    A sms was sent to me telling me I won in rica awards draw. It said, " Dear subscriber! Your cell no, has won you R550,000,00. In rica awards draw,pin no, (010KP) to claim contact Mr Malgas on 072 750 9397. Thanks rica (PTY)LTD. " Then he asked me how do I want the prize by cheque or cash. Knowing its a scam I then said by cheque. He then said I should send my name, address, draw pin no, province to him by sms but I ddnt. He then asked me if I would be able to pay for the cost R 1020 for the delivery of the cheque and I said I dnt work. He then told me then he is sorry cos he can't pay for the cost and I said its fine cos if you win something you should not pay for something you won. Then I ended the call.

  • NameAndShame 26 Nov 2013, 02:41 PM

    In these cases, it is nearly impossible to track the person down. With regards to RICA, it's sadly a pointless system - one can buy a Rica-ed sim card for just R10 on a street corner - so there is no real way of tracking them down. Even with regards to the bank accounts - they are often opened with factitious details or sometimes unrelated person would open the account for a fee and simply hand over the ATM card and PIN number to the crooks.

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