OMO Washing Powder SMS Scam

Received two sms's today.Great prize!!! You have won R350,000 from OMO washing powder promo.Ref No: (OMO212SA).Call(0218395766) for your claim. OMO WASHING POWDER PROMO HAS WON YOU R450.000 INSTANT CASH CALL MRS. SHARON ON 0730907890 REF.SA23OMO FOR PAYMENT WEBSITE: WWW.OMO.CO.ZA 

Report ID: 5221
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: Centurion
Address: 0712803323
Crime Date/Time: 2 Dec 2013, 00:12 AM
Reported By: Username5221
Reported Date: 2 Dec 2013, 09:12 AM
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  • Annette7 12 May 2014, 01:42 PM

    Received the OMO Sms 11/05 Ref no OMO0906SA. tel nr 021 8381167 - Great scam i just delete all wins that I have not entered

  • Grant2 6 May 2014, 08:08 AM

    Hey its my lucky day I just won yet another R185000 from OMO ACtIVE washing powder, I should contact WENDLE on 073 692 2408 or 073 367 2670. I should celebrate this the eleventh real cool prize I won this year. Keep going like this and I would never have to care about anything ever more. Can you imagine two hundred K every month, could live like a king????????????????

  • christen ferguson 7 Feb 2014, 02:11 PM

    I received an sms today call centre to claim 081 7889388 ref a01

  • Julie12 23 Jan 2014, 09:37 AM

    Received an sms today. Great Prize! You have won R250'000.00From OMO Washing powder promo'Ref NoOM141SACall Johnson ON 0781980037For your claim. Just knew it was a scam!!!!

  • busi8 7 Jan 2014, 03:40 PM

    recived an sms today from 0797756213 says conradulations yiu have won 350000 on the omo claim your price call the number above..I then called the number and the woman answered and say I must send my details.i also asked my sister to speak to them as they say I must send the money before siseter told the lady that if its a scam she is recording the converaation and the lady hunged

  • Vinesh 13 Dec 2013, 11:03 AM

    I received the following sms 27727997205 Great prize!!! You have won R350,000 from OMO washing powder promo.Ref No:(OMO212SA).Call(0218395766) for your claim. Fortunately I decided to Google it first! Is the police doing anything about this or are they too busy tracking down the R32 billion the government stold acccording to the last tax audit.

  • beryl 4 Dec 2013, 11:27 AM

    I received an sms that I won R295 000. I had to ph the no which was 0731129374. I told my counsin this is a scam. Then she said no it comes on Tv. I phoned and gave all my details, address and bank details. Now I'm very worried. Have to go to the bank to change account. Can't any body catch them. Surely something can be done with these people.

  • olivia 3 Dec 2013, 09:50 PM

    I received the sms that I won R350000 from OMO 2013 PROMO, Reference MO147SA. I called the cell 0797756213 and was answered by awoman who asked for my cell and reference numbers. She told me to drop and call after 5 minutes coz she's checking to verify. Later, I was told to send my details. I did, that's my residential adress, cell number and the ref number. I'm still waiting for her call as promised. I'm not sure what they will do with my particulars. I'm aware that this is a scam.

  • Estelle15 3 Dec 2013, 09:29 AM

    Received two SMS's today One from Rica Promotions and one from OMO WASHING POWDER PROMO. Ref No. OMO11UK Call Mrs Portia on 0769790012 for activation and claim. I phoned and a gentleman answered, I asked to speak to Mrs Portia, he told me that she is busy and that he is her PA. I asked what company that is and he said OMO WASHING POWDER. I asked him about the SMS he confirmed that OMO has a promotion and asked for my ref and cell no. (STUPIDLY I GAVE HIM MY CELL NO.) He then said he needs to verify my cell number and ref number and asked me to hold. I did and also noticed that there was no noice in the background - normally when you phone a company, there will always be noice in the background. He then came back to the phone and congratulated me on behalf of the company. He also asked whether I would like the money to be transferred to my account or delivered to my home address. I told him that I first need to check this story out before I commit. He said that it was fine. I then saw this articles on the internet. I phoned him back and told him that I knew this was a scam and that I was going to report him. He just laughed, I also mentioned that I was going to the police station to report him and he put the phone down. When I tried phoning the number given by the RICA PROMO it goes straight to voicemail.

  • Peter3 3 Dec 2013, 08:02 AM

    Yes I received this one today 3rf December 2013 here in Cape Town but the web address was slightly different you can forward any of these fake SMS to 3211 SAPD fraud section

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