Abusive words on the road

Road Rage...............

There are 2 lanes, Right lane for people wanting to go to the CMH Volvo and the left either to turn left onto Cascades or go straight on towards Krugersdorp North.

The Robot was green and cars on the left lane was moving but as I was approaching it , the robot turned red but with 5 cars already in-front of me. The Car NBD641GP I noticed was on the already, backed-up right lane indicating to get on the left lane which was moving. The right lane normally gets backed up as there is lots of people that want to turn towards the CMH Volvo.

I assumed he was indicating for someone to allow him way to get on the the left lane which was free-flowing. Nobody allowed him and by time I approached the robot it turned Red and had to stop, therefore I couldn't allow this man to come in front of me onto the left lane.

I didn't think much as no one could go any further as the robot was red. The next thing as I am on the left of him he stick his head towards me and calls me "YOU ARE A FUCKING BITCH".

Then all the robots turned green and his lane is no more backed and he drives off. Totally shocked at his behavior I chase behind him. Nearly 1km ahead I caught up with him and asked him who is he calling a "FUCKING BITCH" he replies he is calling me a "FUCKING BITCH".

I followed him until I could get his car number plate details .To top it all his number plate details was not visible as there was a tow bar blocking it. I manage to write it down after following him for another 500m, but I had to get next to him to get a view.

This is unacceptable, I cannot understand what kind of individual can go around swearing a women these words. I didn't do anything wrong as I could not help if a robot is red and 5 other cars in-front of me didn't move and also they couldn't help him either. He is a disgusting human being and if I can get his details I want to press charges for being that abusive.

Also how do cars like this drive around with their number plate not  visible, I know if a tow bar blocks your number plate , it becomes an offense.

Please help me get hold of this man as I need to bring him to justice for his abusive words to me.

Report ID: 535
Crime Category: Abuse
Province: Gauteng
City/Town: Roodepoort
Suburb: Little falls
Address: Hendtrick potgieter and cascades
Crime Date/Time: 5 Sep 2010, 00:09 AM
Reported By: Username535
Reported Date: 6 Sep 2010, 16:09 PM
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  • Unknown 7 Sep 2010, 08:01 AM

    Hi, sorry to hear about that! Yeah people also DRIVE ME NUTS on the road, especially the taxi drivers! Unfortunately I can only give you advise on what to do, as this website is here to just make people aware of the crime out there and to give advise when can. I would suggest going to your local police station and ask them what you can do. Please keep us all updated on what they said. Etienne

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