Pet Fraudsters

Randy (or Carl) using cell number 0764755225 sells puppies ranging from French Bull dogs to other exotic breeds.  You may even view the puppies at an address in Kimberley which turns out to be an existing address.  After paying a small deposit, the scam starts as the puppy must now be delivered to you in Johannesburg.  Euroline International is the service operated by Dr Joseph Benz 071 914 2581.  The fax number he provides turns out to belong to the Virgin Active in East London, whilst he claims he operates in the Northern Cape.  Dr Joseph will tell you that they have the puppies but that the airline does not accept the crate used by Randy BUT for a refundable deposit of R 4000 per crate this can be sorted and your puppy can be delivered as per the flight details that they provide - all legit.  I did not fall for this part but I did pay a deposit to Randy - who is now nowhere to be found (despite promises to refund my deposit). 

Report ID: 5432
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
City/Town: Roodepoort
Suburb: Floracliff
Address: Floracliff
Crime Date/Time: 9 Jan 2014, 00:01 AM
Reported By: Username5432
Reported Date: 9 Jan 2014, 17:01 PM
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  • VBoyes 8 Jun 2019, 04:59 PM

    We have just been scammed by Elizabeth +27 (71) 771-6172 for a puppy said the puppy is at the Courier and registered. Courier send us their flight details with DR Harry du Preez +27 (73) 903-7159 but then asked for R12000 for a special crate and vaccination. I told them that this type of money I don’t have I made contact with Elizabeth and she said we could go half half on the charge as she was also not aware of this. I told her then to first pay the half and show me proof of payment, which she did ( dum of me should have told her to pay it into my account) I then payed the other half next thing I know another charge for pet insurance license which is R20000 which is also refundable so I said no as none of these were in our arrangement. and now that I’m trying to call no1 answering there phones. This is so sad. Below is there banking details

    Account Name: G I Gabaotse / Saexpressco

    Account Number: 1190110393

    Branch Code: 198765

    Amount: R 13,500

    Reference: Vioneve Boyes

    Below the seller info:

    Bank..................................... Standard Bank

    Account Name..................... Hilda Van Ross

    Account Number.................. 10116782984

    Branch Code........................ 051001

    Total Amount....................... R 5000

    Reference............................ Lola

  • Abera 1 Jun 2019, 02:01 PM

    Animal Movers Delivery
    Direct Line: +27-73-655-3294
    Whatsapp: +27-73-655-3294
    Fax: 053 831 4038
    Number 20 Graham Street,

    We offer a specific plan for all of your pet travel needs.

    Dear Client,

    Payment for the crates is R 10,100 and it must be made to

    Bank: Standard bank

    Account: 10094174766

    Name: Animal Taxi

    Code: 051001

    Reference: Abera crate

    Delivery and refund will be done to you today

    Thanks for your understanding

    Medical Specialist::::::::Barrette Whitefort
    Vet Instructor::::::::: Douw
    General Manager
    Dr. Robert
    Direct Line: +27-73-655-3294
    Whatsapp: +27-73-655-3294

  • Abera 1 Jun 2019, 02:00 PM

    Animal Movers Delivery
    Direct Line: +27-73-655-3294
    Whatsapp: +27-73-655-3294
    Fax: 053 831 4038
    Number 20 Graham Street,

    We offer a specific plan for all of your pet travel needs.

    Dear Client,

    Payment for the crates is R 10,100 and it must be made to

    Bank: Standard bank

    Account: 10094174766

    Name: Animal Taxi

    Code: 051001

    Reference: Abera crate

    Delivery and refund will be done to you today

    Thanks for your understanding

    Medical Specialist::::::::Barrette Whitefort
    Vet Instructor::::::::: Douw
    General Manager
    Dr. Robert
    Direct Line: +27-73-655-3294
    Whatsapp: +27-73-655-3294

  • Janine119575 17 Apr 2018, 01:48 PM

    Same People: new website address they use:
    There are people pretending to sell puppies. They then ask for money for the puppy, as well as the courier. They then ask for additional money such as crates, insurance, clearance etc. If you google these people you will see they have scammed tons of people!! Herewith all the details we have for them:
    SA Pet Express Courier
    3 Logan street, Bonaero Park or 40 Borcherd Street, Upington.
    Contact numbers: 061 114 1336 / 086 719 7854 / 053 831 4038 / 078 160 0091
    Emails: and (Elizabeth van de Welt)
    Capitec. Acc 1418318041 (Van de Welt Elizabeth)
    Absa Acc 1417775821 (Katlekgo MRSaepress)
    The ID's are obviously fake / stolen
    Ashley Stander Voster - 740610 0126 087
    Fred Dawson Saeed - 750111 5157 083

  • Maggie109172 22 Aug 2017, 10:49 PM

    We were just scammed by these people. We bought a Puppy for R5000. The lady was so well informed and helpful in our purchase. They then said that the puupy will be delivered via air to us. My husband paid R5000 for the puppy. They even had someone phonig from the UK claiming the dog is internationally registered therefor we have to pay extra liabilities and insurance and for the crate. All refundable. We just lost R36000.
    And no dog.
    I can put all their numbers on here but it seems they keep changing it. I googled the courier they used and it cam to this fraudster warning site. Even the pet mover company goes directly to helo peter warning of scamming. Unfortunately we only saw it after the R36000 was paid. The bank cannot reverse it as they immediately withdraw the money.
    I jut dont inderstand how they keep on getting away with it.
    It is sickening.

  • tuffy 1 Sep 2016, 02:28 PM

    They are at it again. Using Gumtree to advertise puppies, and wanting money for crate transport etc. Please be aware of FGL speed couriers as it's called now. French accents, claiming to come from Northern Cape (Prieska and Kimberley) and all as some have described below...they're still getting away with it! You will not get your money back and there will not be any puppy arriving on your doorstep. Look out for tel. no.s 0604052491, 07340235607 and 0788389264. How quickly can they forge for new no.s and bank accounts....Current bank accounts being used are Capitec Acc No. 1397573536 and Standard Bank Acc No. 10083572420

  • noepie 9 Feb 2016, 02:17 PM

    They also used the Locanto site to post their ad, I have reported it to Locanto and the ad has been blocked.

  • noepie 9 Feb 2016, 02:16 PM

    Just been had by the same bunch, but the names have changed. Redge Thomas Berry and Jane Berry were the couple's 'names'. Euroline International and Port Delivery are still being used - They gave an ID No. 6112155176081 and an address in Upington, 11 Abiekwa Crescent. Company registered at the address is Maswil Finansiele Adviseurs. The proof of residence was from New Northwest Property Management, ref Mr Frederick van Zyl. All the businesses appear to be fake as well. They tried to sell me a Border Terrier pup, I paid the deposit in good faith, but when the e-mail arrived about the pet carrier, I smelled the rat.
    They also gave bank account numbers :
    Animal Port ABSA Account 9315587659
    Berry Thomas Std Bank Account 10076235090
    cell numbers :
    Berry 084 065 9650
    Euroline 071 764 0332
    The name Maria was also mentioned.

  • nvandeventer 19 Oct 2015, 10:19 AM

    I reported my case of the New Foundland puppies to the police and to FNB fraud management. They informed me to open a criminal case at the police station then the police have to subpoena the bank with section 205 to get the account holders personal details. When you open a bank account you need your ID, proof of address and they also take your fingerprints.

    I also reported the add to olx and they removed the add and also blacklisted that specific email address from ever posting on their site again. Olx informed me that they will also help the police in their investigation with a IP address ect. of the add that was placed.

    Someone also informed me that you can contact Rica. Seeing that they had to register their cellphone numbers at Rica with and ID and proof of residence.

  • RSmith47 19 Sep 2015, 12:19 PM

    There are peopel operating a pet fraud scam, at present using the Locanto site; their names currently are Lauren Cohan and Dr Francois or Francis of Airmal Portdelivery. She is supposed to have persian kittens or other pets charging about R2500 to be paid directly into her personal bank account. He then steps in and requests a further 'refundable' amount of R5050 for 'insurance' without which he cannot deliver the pet to you. I have just lost R7000 to these fraudsters and have received nothing in return. They claim to be in Upington - shades of another Dr Maria who crops up in some fraud stories on this forum - whether they are in fact in Upington we will not know. These people are doing others out of their hard-earned money and it is time they were stopped. I have details of two bank accounts associated with them and would like to report their activities - do the police take any interest in such activities? I feel I should file a case against them if possible. Or even try to find them in person. Anyway, others please watch out for Lauren and her associate Francois. There are no Chinchilla kittens or any other pets. They are a figment of their imagination. They will get their come-uppance. The mills of God grind slowly but they grind exceeding slow ... RDS

  • R M 26 Aug 2015, 10:56 AM

    SallyAnn Boatwright of Postmasburg, ABSA bank, 9310902496, using Euroline International Dr Francois 078 8859 116 Took my depsoit then asked for anoth 5000 deposit for crating...on confirming I DONT have that type of money she insisted I do a direct deposit of the balance for her to clear the dog for delivery... I checked and found this site .... Bugger - Money I dont have gone in the wind

  • Suzette9 19 Aug 2015, 03:53 PM

    I also contacted Lorraine Smith to buy a Pomeranian puppy from her. She send me the pics and everything and at the end said she lived in Upington. I asked her if I could see the puppies before I buy and since have not heard a word from her. Guess I was lucky this time! I want to buy a puppy but since this is how people operate these days, I will rather stay without one..

  • Roxanne9 19 Aug 2015, 12:15 PM

    Hi Be very careful of Lorraine Smith and Cathaleen Henson Logan. They claim to be from Upington and Swellendam with french bulldog puppies to sell, so they need to send the puppies to you in Johannesburg. Pay very close attention to any photos you receive, these are usually the first indication that they are not authentic sellers but fraudsters.

  • Zilma 17 Aug 2015, 07:48 AM

    LORRAINE SMITH BE AWARE!!!!!! She is busy "selling" french bulldog puppies but its a scam. Dont trust her!!!!!!!!!

  • Phillip5 3 Aug 2015, 01:20 PM

    Almost paid R2500 for a bull dog puppy from a woman named Hester Magda in durban area. Puppies are advertised for R2600. when I asked to collect and pay for the puppy in cash was told this is not possible. Right away i knew something was wrong. Also these dogs sell for around R12,000. and she advertisers hers with reg papers and everything. Very convincing.. I see someone else on this thread also dealt with this Hester Magda person. Be aware people. If it seems to good to be true, it usually is.

  • SALLAMANDER CONCEPTS 31 Jul 2015, 04:09 PM

    SALLAMANDER CONCEPTS (PTY) LTD IS A SCAM. BE WARE. I saw this company SALLAMANDER CONCEPTS (PTY) LTD witht he website on the internet saying on their website that they deal in Skin Lotions and other skin products. I placed an order worth 20,000 USD which was suppose to be ship to me in Los Angeles,CA U.S.A but since i paid for my order on the June 1st 2015 this people have never ship my products till date. I checked and Sallamander Concepts (Pty) Ltd with Director Mr Duane Milne is registered in South Africa ( Company Registration: 2001/001891/07 ) but they are running a BIG SCAM!! Cheating on innocent people of their hard earned money promising them products which does not exist. I was doing more research about their company and look what i found A Report from FDA U.S They are several complains from others about this same fake complany SALLAMANDER CONCEPTS with website This people are running a BIG SCAM. BE WARE

  • suzanne2 24 Jul 2015, 09:11 PM

    Just fell for the same scam just lost R8500 Lorraine Smith said she's from Paradise Kennels in Upington and they breed, English Bull Dogs, Scottish Terriors and Pugs. She has a deep voice with a strange accent. She told me she's French, Australian. We paid R2800 for Dog and R500 for it to be delivered. Day of delivery the "courrier" company needs a R5000 deposit which they will pay back either EFT or Cash(that should have given it away). Be vigilant

  • Jade 16 Jul 2015, 05:34 PM

    i also payed R2700 for a English bulldog from a lady in Durban called Hester Magda and in her add she says its R2700 incl courier to your door step and now all of the sudden I get a email from the animal port delivery to saying what I must pay and he has a very weird accent, so I emailed the woman black and she says ok she will pay half and I must pay the rest... So I didn't do it I will rather get caught by paying R2700 instead of more.. Don't you get honest people anymore, but then again I guess it's my own stupidity where on earth will u find a English bulldog for R2700 when they go for R15000, please be aware, she even gave her I'm sure to be FAKE ADDRESS CATO MANOR, 4091 DURBAN, I wish I could put a picture of her I'd on here because maybe this woman I'd was stolen and doesn't know scams are being used with her name

  • maryann symington 8 Jul 2015, 09:59 AM

    My seun wou 'n engelse bulldog aankoop. hy her navraag gedoen by, hy is gekontak deur wat genoem het as ons deposito van 1200 betaal kan ons sal ons aflewering kry binne 2 ure, ons is gekontak deur Animal Portdelivery wat versoek dat ons 4050 moet betaal vir 'n krat vir die hond, waarna ons weer versoek is vir 7500 vir lissendie versekering beide kostes natuurlik "refundable on delivery" einde van die saak geld is weg en geen hond. ek het gaan kyk op locanto website dit is waar hulle al die inligting van die engelse bulldog gekry het

  • Lorraine9 7 Jul 2015, 05:55 PM

    I feel so stupid, bought a dog on OLX, contact person Will 0738750272, Siberian Husky for R2800.00 from Schoeman Farm. After that delivery through Euroline International, Dr Maria, Cell 0788859116, ID 8111270012088, I requested her ID document (obviously not hers). Had to pay extra R4050 for crate and R7500 for insurance. Will refund once I collect and sign for puppy on arrival. Guess what, no puppy! Bank Accounts I had to deposit into: Standard Bank: Acc No 10069447037 - R7500.00 Ref: Lisbon Pilusi Standard Bank: Acc No 10071644804 Ref: Animal Port Insurance ABSA Bank: Acc 9307069510 PLEASE DON'T USE THESE SCUMBAGS!!!!!!

  • Warren9 24 Jun 2015, 11:15 AM

    I'm also a victim of pet fraud. We found the advert on Locanto of the cutest French Bulldog puppy, we called Nathan Maclaren (078 7888429) a foreigner from Sweden, he immediately emailed us pictures of his pups (very Professional, explaining the procedure). R3400 felt like a huge bargain, we paid the deposit of R1700 into his account. The next morning I started questioning the way this deal went down, and started asking him a lot of questions. It started to become clear that it was a case of Fraud. Euroline International also demanded R5050 with a R5000 return after delivery. Obviously no one in their right mind will pay for that. I'm still in contact with the fraudster he still promises me my deposit back. Every single call I made was a foreigner and everyone is in on the Fraud. is his email address It's all the same story just different names and emails, this is ridiculous that they get away with it so easily. Standard Bank can't reverse the payment because thay have to ask permission to reverse the money from the Fraud. As if!!

  • cindy14 20 May 2015, 03:03 PM

    BE WARNED!! There is another pet scam going around. we tried to purchased a dog on OLX from "Ejoh natty white" who said he was looking for the perfect home for little Lindsey. we paid Natty R1000 for deposit and agreed to pay the rest on delivery. To make a long story short, this is a scam. we were asked R3500 from PETS CARRIER DELIVERY EXPRESS. The money was payed in to the following account "Maponya Carrier" in to account number 9305986467. Then we received another e-mail from Euroline international requesting R7500 for insurance to the absa account. Account name animal port insurance 9304111972. It looks like OLX is a thief's paradise to make money.

  • Richard Hooper 11 May 2015, 06:35 PM

    My father-in-law almost fell for this. Jeanette Debbie was the cat "seller", and Euroline International was the courier company. They also required additional amounts for a new crate and insurance. Luckily I caught him in time as he was about to pay the cash. Beware of these people. All hail from Northern cape.

  • Christen 24 Apr 2015, 10:07 AM

    Just had the same scam happen to me , already paid the R2000 deposit then they asked for R5050 for a temperature controlled cage ,I thought it was a bit weird that every person I spoke to had a French accent ,I even asked for someone I could speak to that had used the service to check if it was okay , I also did some research and found this website and realized it was a scam .The name she gave me was Evelyn Pettersen , her husband James Peterson .their email : and the her number : (073) 8750272 . Another number they gave me 0764755225 and his name is Carl .Their banking details Absa bank Evelyn Petterson Account Number : 9305759048 Branch Code: 632005 Please watch out for this , it's such a terrible thing to do to a person.

  • Bianca7 30 Mar 2015, 05:36 PM

    Please beware of this Scam Artist,she is Black with a Horrible Accent,she even sent me a Fake ID,she claims to be selling Bulldog Puppies,her name is: Evelyn Lobelo and email address:,Phone Number:0711582307 ,she scammed us R3000 and was demanding More Money from us,asked her for Our Refunds and she won't Pick Our Calls..

  • Cecialia Huisamen 23 Mar 2015, 01:21 PM

    So what do I do when I know I've been scammed? Just fount out now about the scam, after the money has been paid, not yet for the grate, but how do I go about getting these people caught, or is it a hopeless case?

  • Bianca7 13 Mar 2015, 04:13 PM

    We Recently Got scammed by a Lady in KZN she Contacted us for an english Bulldog,We Couriered the Bulldog to her,she had to Pay us on Delivery,Petlounge Confirmed she Picked up the Puppy and till date she Hasn't paid the Money into Our Account,she now avoids Our Calls,her name is Orlanda Maria Clara Brown , address, 56 Currie crescent Queensburgh 4093 Cell: 0824495367 husband cell 0824495368 home no 0314648459. her Email address is:

  • Bianca7 13 Mar 2015, 01:59 PM

    We Recently Got scammed by a Lady in Johannesburg she Contacted us for an english Bulldog,We Couriered the Bulldog to her,she had to Pay us on Delivery,Petlounge Confirmed she Picked up the Puppy and till date she Hasn't paid the Money into Our Account,she now avoids Our Calls,Anneke Jacobs,her email address

  • Madelaine 11 Feb 2015, 12:15 PM

    THanks Joyce I googled and found this page I almost bought a golden retreiver from them also for R2800!

  • Irene Hazi 5 Feb 2015, 01:28 PM

    Thanks to this thread, I was saved from being scammed by these morons. Also for French Bulldogs that were in the Northern Cape. The ads were in Locanto and OLX. Sent us e-mails with beautiful pictures. I was already suspicious because a French Bulldog does not sell for under R 10 000.00 These idiots were selling for R 2800.00

  • Joyce8 4 Feb 2015, 09:58 AM

    Bought 2 French puppies for R2700 each from this lady Van Elsa from Kimberley, got scammed. Same story as the crate and insurance thing by Johnson Akins, French accent. How dare ppl using our love for dogs, I'm so heart broken. I've been looking forward to 'me puppies and have lost close to R20000. Should have googled earlier, I'm so stupid :(

  • Cuan3 13 Dec 2014, 07:56 AM

    I got scammed by Angella Grasic -paid R3500 into her account which bank says belong to G Ndimande from Fourways . She phoned me this morning to say they are driving to Kimberley from Prieska to deliver puppy to Pet courier company . I expect the phonecall from the courier company soon to ask for the refundable crate money . I started getting suspicious when she was not taking calls and when I checked on the address the house is empty according to locals that I phoned . Phone number she used is 0787638991 same as the number of the person that scammed Simone Pretorius . Will get a case number today and post it . I think we should go to Carte Blanche with this story to warn people to not let their love for animals be exploited for fraud.

  • Lettie Labuschagne 3 Dec 2014, 09:44 PM

    I was also today scammed by puppy seller Dylan Flynn. Then scammed byEuroline International (Marie) requesting payment of R5050 for a special crate. I reported these scams to ABSA Fraud Department and FIRSTNATIONAL BANK and the police Department. Can someone please help and stop animal lovers getting scammed.

  • johnpaul hambrey 9 Nov 2014, 11:15 PM

    Report the add to the sit You found it on all so report add to Google. This will help put a stop to them placing adds Again

  • K. Padayachee 7 Nov 2014, 09:16 AM

    Thank God for Google and this website. I almost became a victim of these evil people! They use people's love for animals to exploit them. I almost got scammed for Bull Mastiff puppies. The pictures were too perfect, and I knew something was up. The lady goes by the name of Santa Martinez - phone number 0733210103. She sent me a whole long story of how healthy the puppies are and how they are raised "holistically". What utter nonsense! I hope these people suffer for using animals to scam people! Thank you to this website for the heads up!

  • Kevin10 28 Oct 2014, 09:46 AM

    @Simone Pretorius "Venessa Mendez" also goes by the name of "Santa Martinez" and has just tried to scam me but thank goodness I had alarm bells ringing the entire time and thank goodness for this thread. She also gave me an absa bank account in which to deposit 2500. She had a strong south american accent on the phone and her phone number was also 0733210103.

  • Simone Pretorius 27 Oct 2014, 09:09 AM

    I AM SO SAD :'( This weekend we found a French Bulldog puppy from Kimberley for R2500. The lady (Vanessa Mendez 0733210103) was very helpful and said they can arrange transport to Cape Twown. She had a very strong accent that I could not understand. She sent me pictures (which I swore I had seen on a very different advertisement)but continued to go ahead with it. She then asked us to pay her and we would continue. I paid 50% and got an email the next day from the "Pet Courier" - Sky Animal Post saying the exact same thing as you have all said. Pay R3500 for a special crate and vaccines and get R3000 back. French accent, didnt get his name but phone number 0787638991 transfer to ABSA bank. So we have been scammed. I have not gone on with it but my alarm bells were ringing from the moment I spoke to her :(

  • Callan 26 Oct 2014, 06:17 AM

    Hi everyone. I am so glad I saw this page. I recently went onto olx and saw a post from Alan Bland. He is selling Lhasa Apso pups for R2600 with reg papers etc. I am always too cautious and I am very grateful for it. I am still "in the process" of buying this pup...well I dont think so anymore. The latest details I have if anyone is looking for it, no cell number as expected.

  • Dr L Sweers 5 Aug 2014, 10:44 PM

    Hi guys, I recently got a phone call about someone also defrauded by these people using a fake hip and elbow dysplasia certificate that was issued by me in 2011, but obviously altered according to their specific needs. You can see the certificate is fake, since the fonts differ. However, to try and get to the bottom of this I would like to figure out where the fake certificate started getting around as that may bring us closer to finding these con-people. Thus, your help is needed here. If you were provided with (fake) documents like hip and elbow dysplasia certificates during the communication process with these people, could you please pass this on to me or even just the certificate number at the top will help (Will start with an "L" or "F" or "K", most probably). If all of these certificates point to the same person, I will be able to tie them all together and see where it started, because that person is probably involved in this. Much appreciated! Regards and good luck to us all getting these suckers, Dr Lynelle Sweers

  • karen15 9 Jul 2014, 06:14 PM

    I have noticed that most scammers use the site Locanto. I will recommend that no serious animal buyers use that site. I personally think gumtree is the best. I would recommend you tel the breeder you will only transfer any monies when your courier company confirms that there is a animal and once they confirm that, that is when you will make the transfer.. i have tried with a nother breeder that advertises on Locanto website and once i mailed him that condition i didnt here from him again. please be carefull all you animal lovers out there. The websites are full of scamsters.

  • Leanne2 9 Jul 2014, 03:38 PM

    I was scammed today too. Transferred close to R2000 for a Persian kitten. All of a sudden the transport company required a special crate for an additional R3050 of which I would receive R3000 back. Luckily I smelled a rat and while I didn't get my R2000 back, it could have been a lot worse!

  • karen15 8 Jul 2014, 08:47 PM

    I was also scamed not even 3 days ago.. i spoke to a breeder from springbok. He was very cofinsing over the emails even had names for all the english bull dog pups. R3500 eacb must pay deposit and R500 for transport. He requested i pay via e wallet which i did. I got a phone call about a hour larer saying that he dropped the puppy of at Coroway pet services. I was shocked because i would have arranged transport from my side. Also got legit emails from coroway that my puppy is on fleight u456. When i phoned upington airport. They said that no one has delivered a puppy. When i pjoned dr. Grey from coroway, (after 15 calls he answered) he said my puppy was on the fleight to George.. i am still waiting. Thomas the breeder is no were to be heard of.. The scamster goes by Thomas Richardson with a hotmail address. Also with french acsents...

  • Greg17 7 Jul 2014, 02:52 PM

    Hi All Just saw spoke to this guy and looks like he has been pulling this of for a while now. He gave me this address now & advised me that i need to come before 4pm today to collect bull dogs if im in Bloem. Hope this helps catch the fool 71-73 Jac Van Rhyn Rd Bloemfontein 9321

  • Greg17 7 Jul 2014, 02:32 PM

    Hi All Just saw spoke to this guy and looks like he has been pulling this of for a while now. He gave me this address now & advised me that i need to come before 4pm today to collect bull dogs if im in Bloem. Hope this helps catch the fool

  • M J Bester 26 Jun 2014, 02:34 PM

    Responded to advert on OLX for male corgi in George, Daniel 0718016381 for R3500. Agreed to pay R1750-00 and he would arrange for transport to Durban. Euroline International, Pet Transport Delivery, (e-mail Dr Douw 0788859116 called to make arrangements but had to read an e-mail first where it stated that I had to pay R5050-00 for special crate and would receive R5000-00 back in cash when the puppy is delivered this afternoon. I, in all my stupidity, paid this and this is where everything went wrong. I received another e-mail from Dr Douw requesting another R7500-00 for insurance for the puppy. I refused to pay this and started investigating. 7 Howie Drive, George does not exist. Fax no. 0538314038 is a Kimberley number. Both gentlemen have French accents and got extremely nasty when we confronted them. If you google the company it takes you to this fraud page. All I ever received was a photo of the puppy and lost R6800-00. I trusted these gentlemen as I have previously bought a female corgi from a breeder in JHB 10 months ago and my puppy was flown to Durban without any problems. Why do people like this exist? I'm heartbroken. Going to lay a case against them, however, we know that the Police won't even investigate.

  • e.s.marques 2 Jun 2014, 12:20 PM

    nicole smith answered my email send via Junk Mail today. she is selling tea cup yorkies from springbock at R1500.00 plus transport. I am also busy with a also fm Junkmail 35369905. Can anybody give me some information on this person????? thanks a lot Etelvina

  • Jan25 27 May 2014, 08:13 PM

    Nicole Smith from Springbok selling Shih Tzu puppies cost R1500 and the R300 to send the dog and then this Dr. Carl Brink responds and the scam continue thanx for the site it saved me from the R5050 but not the R1800!

  • Hamilton2 19 May 2014, 02:42 PM

    This Carl Brink and co are also selling livestock on OLX and Junk Mail claiming they have stud sheep from R500 and various breeds of cattle from R2000 a piece almost scammed me for large amount of money. Fortunately we had communicated via email initially and on calling the number to finalise the transaction by chance I had saved their number from them last year, they were selling Rottweilers in Durban which when I insisted I wanted to pay on collection they went silent.

  • Minnette 16 May 2014, 11:30 AM

    I found a lady on the internet who sells Bulldog pups in Kimberly for R2 700. This is her info: Ms. Fiona Marie Claire. 071 070 9487 Based:Belgravia, Kimberley 8301, South Africa Blizz General Trading Center SA 14 Franceys Street, New park, 8301 NC South Africa Thanks to this info I now know she is a fake.

  • Cecilia 7 May 2014, 05:51 AM

    Hi Emmarencia Sorry for ur loss. I know ur pain l mean l lost 19000. I also opened a case. But was told it wont make much of a difference since i voluntary made the transaction. What did the police say for your case. These people are evil. I lost a lot of my savings to these fraudsters. They steal peopls hard earned money and are untouchable. I pray God intervenes

  • Emmarencia 3 May 2014, 11:03 PM

    I was scammed by the same people allthough the breeders name was Andreas Volkan and the courier service global pet taxi. My husband drove to the respective adresses provided which was both fictitious. 7 howie st Kimberly does exit but it is a private recidence. The breeders adress off which she sent me proof does not exist at all. I also opened a case today as i was taken for R4750.

  • Cecilia 28 Apr 2014, 03:54 PM

    This carl brink stole a lot of money for me for sale and transportation of cows. I trusted him with all my savings because l wanted to start a cattle business. I worked sooo hard to raise this money and there are people like Carl and his croonies who just take advantage. What upset me most is he claimed to be a christian. May God us his words against him. I pray God shows justice against this man and his freinds. Lets pray against these crooks.

  • Melisa 9 Apr 2014, 11:48 AM

    Same guy is selling me a Bernese Mountain dog puppy called Joy ! Eurolines International pet transport is used and I also had to pay R5050 for a temperature regulated crate. Dr Carl Brink was his name and the so called breeder Jorge. Going to the police with this guy !! He has bullshitted enough people already.

  • Joe7 2 Apr 2014, 11:31 AM

    I am currently busy with purchasing a dog and I think its from the same guy's. Is there any body that can assist me with this and mabe help to get some of my money back.

  • Joy7 2 Apr 2014, 10:01 AM

    SCAMMED out of R3000 Jorge bestfarmrs@gmailcom claims to be selling puppies out of the Northern Cape He is very kind and polite over emails so he catches you emotionally You pay the money and then he says that shipping will be arranged You get an email from Global PetTaxi globalpettaxi2000@deliveryman com saying that the crate is no appropriate and they want R5050 to hire or buy the crate I called a German Man Dr. Carl Brink and he just says he is doing his job YES SCAMMING PEOPLE The details are Pet Taxi Delivery man Tel 27 719 142 581 Fax 053 831 4038 Number 7 Howie Road Kimberly Northern Cape Email Pettaxideliveryman2000@deliverymancom

  • Jodie Gravett 26 Mar 2014, 12:06 PM

    We were caught today by these people. Have been taken for R3360. Also realised there was something wrong when this Dr Joseph Benz on a 071 number from kimberley Contacted us with the same crate story that was refundable. He got very offensive when I challenged him. We bought the dog from a Jordan in George on a 084 663 number.....Bulldog that we even got pics of. No dog.. Scam!!!! Jordan has now switched his phone off and Dr Benz answers but gets all pissy. They both have very strong foreign french sounding accents.

  • Angelique8 23 Mar 2014, 12:03 PM

    Case number 499/3/2014 I responded to an add via Locanto about french bulldog puppies. After a lot of emails and phone calls from and to Randy/ S F Kyla I agreed to purchase a puppy named Lola and EFT money into account Capitec Bank acc . R2800 which included shipping the following day Was contacted by Dr Joseph Benz the of Euroline international pet taxi for an additional R5050 for hiring of a crate with the promise of being refunded R5000 when the dog gets delivered. I got suspicious and did a google search and found that this was a scam. Went to the bank and police. And still dont have a puppy :-( . I pay that those running this scam will be prosecuted. Please dont fall for this.

  • Catherine11 16 Mar 2014, 11:34 AM

    And to Pet Taxi above Prison isnt gonna like you at all So have fun You messed with the wrong people now I assure you

  • Catherine11 16 Mar 2014, 11:32 AM

    Can everyone here send me their case numbers as we have just been scammed by these people too and need to move on with this case PLEASE

  • Clint 17 Feb 2014, 07:47 AM

    I've been caught out by such scam. A person (Miriam Clocksta) who alleged to live in Kakamas trying to sell Cockatoos. I paid a deposit, then got told they will have courier fly to birds to JHB. Next thing the courier company phones me, the same guy as been mentioned at the top of this report, Dr Joseph Benz! With the same cell number! I search hellopeter, but couldn't find anything on the seller, but when I searched the courier company, I got this page...and no further dealings. Well, guess what folks. Last night again I replied to add for cockatoos. This morning got a replied will not believe...the content of 1st email reply is exactly the same as when the first seller contacted me....this is a scam! This person who answered my email is "Jason Brad Shaun".

  • Gregg 14 Feb 2014, 10:31 AM

    you must be shocked how you all fell for this. Sons and daughters of a whore!!

  • ELIZE DU TOIT 13 Feb 2014, 12:37 PM

    I am so greatfull i googled melissa petronella, i almost just bought a english bull from her. the email adress used is melissa signature in email says she is sales manager at blitz general trading centre SA. the website looks legit. adress on website is 14 franceys street. new park, kimberley northern cape

  • Stacey6 12 Feb 2014, 08:40 PM

    The Alan brand is working OLX at the moment. The cell number he gives on OLX is off and he only replies to email. The address he gives on OLX is also false as he states abelia road yet the email says he is in Kimberley. I thought his email didn't sound right and the puppies pictures looked false (to perfect) so I googled and found this page. He is selling English bulldogs at R2500 with r300 for delivery. Never pay money without seeing the dog :)

  • Pradeep Bridglall 12 Feb 2014, 03:01 PM

    Late yesterday we made an E wallet payment to Allan Bland of R 2800 for a English Bulldog. Today we get an email from pet taxi delivery man asking for R5050 for a temperature controlled crate. R 5000 to be returned in cash. No joy since this morning. Allan Bland

  • Eddie Pelser 6 Feb 2014, 01:40 PM

    we were also taken for R1350 by a Allan Bland tel 0780087472, FNB account 62448246141. purchase of a pug. luckaly I smelt a rat and started to investigate, saw this sute (THANK YOU) and have reported it to FNB who have frozen the account. I will open a case at SAPS and hopefully these fraudsters made a mistake and RICA their number and can be traced. all the worst to them and their associates for scamming hard working people out of hard earned money.

  • Natasha30 1 Feb 2014, 10:37 AM

    so grateful for this site. almost got cought out but then I thought I will go and google these buggers.

  • mike alper 29 Jan 2014, 03:18 PM

    my daughter got ripped off bought a dog for 2000.00rand on line no dog no money spoke to a Jorge a steyn id 7703145536 and then zain pettaxi tried first for 5000.00 then 1500.00 now wont take my call the 2k been withdrawn from the bank

  • A Vorster 27 Jan 2014, 03:45 PM

    Do any one have extra information on joseph benz and melissa p because i know they are working in kimberley as well, i called them and as soon as i said we will pick up the dog ourself no delivery i never heard back but melissa in joburg quickly responded she had dog left. Then the scam started with dr joseph benz!!!!!

  • A Vorster 27 Jan 2014, 03:42 PM

    On 26 Jan 2014 we ordered french bulldog from Melissa P and paid 50% dep. After that delivery through dr Joseph Benz cost extra R5050 for a crate. They gor the money and never answered nothing. We were scammed!!! These people are stealing our are their email and landline do not work.

  • Elaine6 13 Jan 2014, 07:36 AM

    This is not the only one - there are many on OLX, junkmail and Ananzi - all doing the same.... Offering bulldogs - 9weeks with all papers. A bulldog should cost R7000 upwards otherwise it is a scam unless you can go see the dogs. I just lost my money to these heartless fraudsters.....

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