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I received a call from a guy called Ryan who knew my name. He sounded like he was calling from India and claimed to be working at the Windows Servicing Office in Durban. He said that he has picked up a virus on my computer and he wants to help me to remove it. He directed me to a website which allowed him to have remote access to my computer. He then opened some files on the computer and told me that these files are corrupted and that the technician is currently removing all the viruses. He then told me that I need to extend the warranty on my computer and that if I  pay for this warranty they will ensure that no viruses enter my computer when I am using the internet. I am sure that this is a scam and that this guy was just trying to access my personal information on my computer. 

Report ID: 5578
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: KwaZulu/Natal
City/Town: DURBAN
Suburb: N/A
Address: N/A
Crime Date/Time: 30 Jan 2014, 00:01 AM
Reported By: Username5578
Reported Date: 30 Jan 2014, 16:01 PM
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  • Janita 5 Feb 2014, 05:13 PM

    You should keep a close eye on your bank accounts. If you have been using your computer to make any kind of payments then you should change all your passwords. Also make sure that you do not have any key-loggers installed on your system as this is one of the easiest ways for them to get to your information any time they want in the future.

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