Applied for a job on Gumtree,regarding cruise ship work with SAGA CRUISES.Communicated with a man called Richard Morgan,via internet,who claimed to be the Human Resources Manager.However something did not fit into place,and when within one day i recieved a contract,with salary estimate,i then knew something was up.I confronted the individual about this being a possible scam,and have not heard from him again.The scam was to place 600GP into an account for apparent travel documents.PLEASE DO NOT ANSWER TO THESE SCAMS ON GUMTREE,THIS IS THE 3RD ONE THAT I EXPOSED. 

Report ID: 5710
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Western Cape
City/Town: CAPE TOWN
Suburb: grassy park
Address: 5 blou road goolhurst estate,grassypark
Crime Date/Time: 8 Jan 2014, 00:01 AM
Reported By: Username5710
Reported Date: 17 Feb 2014, 17:02 PM
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  • abdul-gakeem 26 Aug 2015, 12:11 PM

    Tx GOD for google comments if it wasn't for Them I would have also fallen pray to this scam These guys are highly proffesional scamsters Was on my way to the bank to deposit my last money It was only by God mercy that something made me search online pls people tell every one through social media you know about these scamsters

  • Sifiso2 3 Aug 2015, 02:23 PM

    This is a total scam guys please be on the look out. I called their offices and a guy with a Nigerian ascent answered. The money they are offering is also to good to be true !!!!

  • Papi Greco 18 Jul 2015, 01:29 PM

    I was thrown off by a spelling mistake,googled them n this came up ..what a bunch of losers dont waste your time on these morons

  • Garth2 18 Mar 2015, 08:39 PM

    Hi guys Been emailing Mr. James Woods Human Resource Officer Saga Cruise U.K Also received an appointment letter by a Mr Richard Morgan, dated and signed Nogal Did a bit of digging and found that these names are actually people within the cruise line industry but these Con-Artists have obviously used their names to cash in on the Desperate Job Seeker Name and Shame them guys

  • Sherif 26 Nov 2014, 10:34 AM

    Big thieves he is cheater there is no jobs

  • Lulu11 21 Nov 2014, 10:48 AM

    OMG, ever since I graduated I have been searching for work desperately. When I saw the advert for new crew members I became excited and applied. Got an email asking me to answer some questions. I don't know why but something made me google the name Richard Morgan to see if he was on any credible sites like linkedin and this came up. I am so happy I did it. I will not go any further with the email. I have been searching other recruitment agencies too coz somethings are just fishy. From now on I'm going to do that with every job I apply to. Thank you so much for this post!

  • rose2 30 Oct 2014, 10:55 AM

    I just got one ship cabin attendant...yho it almost felt real..but with that salary?no it was just way too much.

  • Tifayjhes 13 Oct 2014, 09:20 AM

    Thanks for posting this matter i recieved Appointment Letter from that guy and he wants me to this send 650GBP as a commitment fee via Money Gram to their name. OMG i almost resign. Thank you to my friend he found this site and thank you God for not letting this happend.

  • Kim15 28 Sep 2014, 12:08 AM

    Im so glad I googled his name and this report crime page came up. Received a email today from Mr Morgan asking for 950GB commitment fee. Thanx for posting this scam I really appreciate it. I would of too fell for the scam had this fraud site not come up with his name. Thanx for the heads up

  • Username5710 23 Jul 2014, 05:11 PM


  • chris doolaur 23 Jul 2014, 12:53 PM

    me to i,m in touch with this mr morgan and i want to know if its true or a fake

  • premala 21 May 2014, 01:23 PM

    Thank to GOD and also you guys. I was in the same situation as well. I just received the appointment letter today and I'm shocked how fast I got a job in abroad moreover in a cruise ship. My money is safe now.

  • Ntlekazi 25 Apr 2014, 10:09 AM

    OmG! and hes just sent me an email, told him i dnt hv 650GBP and he said ishould pay R7000. yhooooooo Thank God i found this

  • Mike42 15 Apr 2014, 07:43 PM

    Thanks for reporting this as I was also communicating with this person by the name "Mr. Richard Morgan" and I thought I should just check him and also the Agency (JIMDO TRAVEL AGENCY) out before continuing. I found that the agency has also been reported on Thanks for the heads up! Hopefully other applicants will see this.

  • Walter7 10 Mar 2014, 01:16 PM

    Report him to the "Cape Town scams and fraud" page on facebook!

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