There are SO many scammers on OLX!!! try and avoid using this site if you can! "Zandi Peterson" recently scammed me out of R5000 and now "Andrew" is using almost the exact same method to do so. They want immediate delivery upon sending proof of payment and proof of residence. All documentation that they send you is 100% fake! Please NEVER release the goods before you have money in hand or have withdrawn the transferred amount from your bank account! This way they cannot reverse payment either. 
Bottom line is to trust your instincts and think carefully! There are many scammers, so rather be overly cautious! 

Report ID: 5750
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: N/A
Address: Johannesburg
Crime Date/Time: 1 Feb 2014, 00:02 AM
Reported By: Username5750
Reported Date: 20 Feb 2014, 15:02 PM
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  • Miguel 2 7 Jul 2014, 03:30 PM

    Good day everyone, DO NOT POST ANYTHING YOU WANT TO SELL ON OLX SCAMMERS ON OLX I have posted three item on OLX today. I was amazed at how quick I had responses from each post. I suddenly started picking up on a trend on how these prospective buyers were all using the same Modus Operandi. I will pay by eft, deliver to me, I need it today, send you proof of payments, copy of ID, proof of residence Etc Please also take not of following cellular numbers being used by scammers 061 709 6945 079 495 7054 082 862 5244 074 498 0488 074 546 1740 084 858 7853 Be vigilant everyone

  • Unknown 5 Apr 2014, 07:17 PM

    This guy did me and my friends out of money for laptops we are saleing. Him and his wife are doing it to people on olx don't let them catch you. Nedbank Payment Notification: N GARETH has paid R 3,800.00 into First National Bank Acc No:..62421810848 on 04/04/2014@Eft, Ref:20140404/NEDBANK/HP6910P 1259.

  • Andre 46 31 Mar 2014, 01:31 PM

    I also just got scammed by Nick Gareth. wanted me to deliver a laptop, sent me fake payment notifications and proof of payment from Nedbank. Beware when you sell on OLX or other formats.

  • Username5750 3 Mar 2014, 02:26 PM

    I have opened a case with the police and they seem hopeful...basically, if you want to sell something, don't use OLX, every single person that has contacted me using OLX has been a scammer...

  • Andile7 28 Feb 2014, 07:08 AM

    I've just been scammed by the same Nick Gareth.I had a gut feel this didn't feel right, and I was stupid enough to go through with it.I got his driver's vehicle registration BH47BM-GP.I just called driver, who insists he knows nothing.Where can one submit this information (relevant authorities)

  • Michael36 21 Feb 2014, 06:59 AM

    Exact same thing happened to me, Mr Nick Gareth, sent me proof of payment, fraudulant proof of residence aswell as a photo shopped scan of his "ID". fortunately due to me being overly cautious i told him i wont release the item till the money has cleared. funny story is that no money has cleared in my account yet. Be careful everyone, never release the goods until you can draw the money out your account.

  • Username5750 20 Feb 2014, 03:48 PM

    Now a man named Vusi pulled the EXACT same scam!!!! Luckily I am VERY cautious now and avoided being burned by OLX AGAIN!! and what's worse, they have never even contacted me, despite all the emails I have sent them! So now I have lost the R5000 due to Zandi Peterson and OLX...ya, they don't care two hoots! Rubbish service OLX! Please be careful of this story: If I transfer the money now, I will send you sms confirmation with your cellphone number as the reference. I will send my driver to collect the item now. Please send address. This is the generic scam being used by a syndicate in the Houghtan area in JHB.

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