Mr Military Fraud

I met this guy on BADOO. his username is Simonb. he claims to live in the uk in birmingham and works in the military there. His wife and son supposedly died in a terrible car accident four years ago. He claims he has a friend who is engaged to a South African girl in Cape Town and the wedding is going to take place soon here in South Africa, Cape Town. His friend told him that woman here are so well behaved and he wants to marry a South African girl. He will tell you that he will meet you when he comes to the wedding. This guy will become the man of your dreams.He will understand you like no one ever has. He will always be there for you and call you all the time.
He will then ask you for your address because he wants ti buy you a couple of things and then courier them to you. He will send you pictures of the phones, ipad, laptops that he bought for you. He will even buy you bags, shoes, jewellery, clothes, hair piece and send you the photos of those things he bought. He will even start talking about marriage and how he bought an engagement ring for you and that you will find it in the package that he is going to send. After shipping the package he will tell you that he has supposedly put 3000 pounds in the package and that you should not tell anyone.When you ask him about a tracking number he will tell you not to worry yourself he has paid for the courier to deliver it to your door After a day or two you will get a phobne call from a Joy Smith (074 029 6640) telling that your package has arrived at the airport and that you have to pay R2950 for the clearance of the package at FNB Account Number 62418183448 that belongs to Z Ngogodo who supposedly paid for the clearance and needs the money back. After that you should fax the bank receipt to 086 723 4098 or email it to She will then tell you that she will be by your place in an hour or so. After 30 minutes she will call you and tell you that the package is about to b scanned through a computer and if there is something illegal like money now is the time to tell her cause if you dont and they find something in there you are going to go to jail for money laundering. At this point you will then try to get hold of SimonB who will tell you to do everything in your power to save that package as you are the only person he knows in south africa. When Joy calls you back she will tell you that she can make sure that the package does not get scanned but the guy who does the scanning wants R3000. She could pay for you but the problem is that she only has R1000 with her so you have to deposit R2000 into the same account for her to give the scanning guy. After she will tell you will get the package early the next morning and then it doesn't arrive. You call her she tells you that she is at a meeting and she will be leaving in 30 minutes or so and that is when you should call her. From there her phone goes straight to voicemail.At this point Simon stops communicating with you too.
If there is anyone out there who has been scammed by this two devils post your experience and lets inform people of how the scammers ruin peoples lives

Report ID: 5801
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: N/A
Address: Plein Street
Crime Date/Time: 26 Feb 2014, 00:02 AM
Reported By: Username5801
Reported Date: 27 Feb 2014, 13:02 PM
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