Mismanagement of School Funds

Hi, Sorry, I sent the early mail referring to Midrand Secondary School, it is not Midrand Secondary, this  relates to Noordwyk Secondary.....I strongly believe that there are irregular activities taking place at the Noordwyk Secondary School.I believe that the funds are being mismanaged. For e.g. the school fees are not being deposited into a bank account. The funds are being paid directly to the school secretary.There is also collusion between the principal Mr Mckay and the secretary whereby the funds are stolen.There is no money for transparencies, photocopy paper, staples, etc.When the Principal is asked about money for stationery, there is a lot of hostility in his reply.Furthermore, the Chairman of the governing board has not been rotated, I believe there could be collusion here too.....This has been going on for a long time now and nothing has been done.Please can we bring an end to this.....
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Report ID: 5900
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: Midrand
Address: Noordwyk Secondary School
Crime Date/Time: 2 Jan 2014, 00:01 AM
Reported By: Username5900
Reported Date: 12 Mar 2014, 15:03 PM
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  • Vee8 5 Aug 2014, 09:51 AM

    What is being done about this inquiry? I'm still paying and do want to be the only parent paying school fees. There is also the issue of bullying after schoo. A certail student called Kuan Wen Tin is at the centre of it all. He is a martial arts student who teaches other students fighting skills. The whole of last week he went aroung hitting student who he claimed stole his sister's bag and fone. His friends assaulted a student who. Had to call his brother to come and help. On monday the same student was assaulted again by the same boys. Why aren't they expelled or suspended. Evey student fears Kuan. He beat up a grade ten student badly, his and his cronies but he is still at school. Its really bad, parents fear for their kids. We send kids to school and they end up in a warzone. Teachers should be confiscating illegal items but Kuan's friend bought a sjambok to school with a clear intention of harming someone. What is being done. What's happening at this school.

  • Daniel Folley 12 Mar 2014, 03:51 PM

    Noordwyk Secondary is mismanaged and money is being stolen....

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