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I requested for my contract to be cancelled two years ago as Tax relax service was no longer required, sent letter of cancellation and a year and a half later they requested R5000 to be paid as they have not received my request for cancellation, they threatened legal action and i arranged the cancellation for the second time and made a special arrangement as i had no proof for the initial cancellation,I then requested cancellation and have confirmation and now again they are debiting my account in a different name for over a year and refuse to pay my money back. I went onto hello peter and there were over 50 complaints for this month only of a similar nature. This is clearly a organised crime and no action is being taken against themAmounts of R350.00 over long periods of time allows them to enjoy thousands if it is done to a number of people.

Report ID: 5911
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: rosebank
Address: 177 Jan smuts avenue, rosebank
Crime Date/Time: 13 Mar 2014, 00:03 AM
Reported By: Username5911
Reported Date: 13 Mar 2014, 14:03 PM
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  • Gavin11 25 Mar 2015, 12:52 PM

    These guys are holding my company data and financials "ransom" for an unrecognised invoice of R29,000. They will not deal with me and have refused meetings, including handing over the SARS and financial evidence for my AFS. They have referred me to their lawyer, Graeme Krawitz (, whom seems oblivious to the issues and specific client 'handovers'. Please report your issue to Carte Blanche (@carteblanchtv) and lets get their illegal practice closed.

  • Patrick Swanepoel 3 Feb 2015, 01:28 PM

    I too have sent numerous communication to them to cancel and all they do is change the amount and reference on the debit order. They have also moved offices into Killarney Mall and security has been instructed to not allow visitors into see Tax Relax, and this is while their website still gives the 177 Jan Smuts avenue as the address. Enough is enough, something needs to be done!!!

  • Navomi 6 Nov 2014, 01:20 PM

    I have reported Taxrelax's illicit behavior to and and SARS

  • Navomi 5 Nov 2014, 01:20 PM

    TaxRelax fraudulently debited my account in Nov 2014 with an amount of R350. I have NOT authorized this debit order nor do i have any dealings with TaxRelax. No body answers the phone nor have they responded to my email messages. I am really pissed off --- I am going to take a day off to visit the TaxRelax office to get this mess sorted out ...

  • Frederick Gideon Coetzee 26 Aug 2014, 03:54 PM

    I have asked and emailed on numerous occasion for a cancellation. In March this year they send me a new contract. In my reply I stated that I will not sign a new contract as I want this unsatisfactory services cancelled. Once again I got the story of you can only cancel in your anniversary month. I was told that I can cancel 3 months prior to June which I did in March and still they taking debit orders in July and August. I have now reversed the debit orders. I spoke to Bernice in accounts and every time they say pre - legal will get back to me. Well since I requested to cancel in March no one from pre - legal has ever contacted me. I think we should all start posting this on the Carte Blanche Facebook page. It is time this fraudsters is exposed!

  • Bern2 5 Aug 2014, 08:12 PM

    I'm still in the process of cancelling my contract with them. I notified them a year in advance as i had "Missed" their deadline, and so I kept notifying them until they acknowledged receipt of my cancellation... They are still debiting my account 3 months on and keep ignoring my e-mails and refusing to put me through to the Pre-Legal department for cancellation. I wonder if everyone should submit their claims to Carte Blanche? Theyre the only ones protecting consumers rights.

  • Tracy Clayton 18 Mar 2014, 04:19 PM

    I cancelled my account with Tax Relax in 2008 as the service was expensive and unsatisfactory. Out of the blue an unauthorised amount was debited from my account at the beginning of this month (March 2014) I reversed the amount with my bank, but have had no response from Tax Relax yet despite leaving a phone message and a message on the website. I see there are several similar complaints in HelloPeter. This behaviour appears to be fraudulent and far-reaching. I am not currently resident in SA but wanted to know what our rights as consumers are with regard to Tax Relax?

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