Phoenix-Tech Scam

I ordered some computer parts from Phoenix Tech. They told me it would take 3 weeks to import and deliver. After 3 weeks I emailed them and they said the parts were returned because of water damage. Waited another 3 weeks this time they said customs is causing the item to be delayed. After 9 weeks they said I should ask for a refund. I have not received any refund as of yet. There is an entire site where people bought things from Phoenix Tech and have not received their order. If only I knew about this before hand then I would have never bought from them.Here is the site: The address is wrong They just say Capetown on their website.

Report ID: 6001
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Western Cape
City/Town: Albertinia
Suburb: N/A
Crime Date/Time: 31 Jan 2014, 00:01 AM
Reported By: Username6001
Reported Date: 27 Mar 2014, 14:03 PM
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  • Peter45 20 Jun 2015, 02:23 AM

    My experience is almost identical to the above - They stole more than R10000 from me.

  • Jeshurun 9 Sep 2014, 10:44 AM

    I am really shocked and saddened after reading this. I had placed a pre-order for an xbox one in August 2013. I had only received my xbox one in February 2014. I had contacted them countless amounts of times because I suspected that they were not legitimate. The person I contacted the most was "Ryan" (if that was his real name). I was relieved when I received the xbox and attachments in good working order. In fact I was impressed that they even threw in a free game because I had waited so long. To read these stories about how incompetent they were with their handling of clients really does shock me. They should be brought to book. I dont think that they operate any longer

  • Z2 6 Aug 2014, 09:27 PM

    Im sorry that you all had this experience, i was looking for a pc components today 2014/08/06 and came across all the articles last year i was looking for ps4 but luckily i didn't purchase from them. my sympathies to all and hope you get some form of money back.

  • Nick13 31 Jul 2014, 03:55 PM

    I had a similar experience early 2014. I have an open case with NCC and Consumer Goods and Services Ombud. All they can tell me is that they cannot get hold of anyone and it is beyond their mandate to track the owners down. I will continue to search for any trace and stop them in their tracks.

  • Daniel32 15 Jul 2014, 11:17 AM

    Same here, Ordered Xbox One and Extra controller worth R8600.00 and after not receiving it asked for my refund. Haven't heard from them since.

  • X..PREDATOR 12 Jul 2014, 06:42 AM

    i didnt buy from them..thank goodness i ddnt. i met one of the reps on a forum he claimed to be working for the US company Phoenix Tech and liason for the SA branch.. i only contacted them to get qoutes and to enquire for application for a a Technichan..i work privately for myself from home doing gaming pcs and im always looking for more work or a job at any place thatll give me a chance. I Never got a response.. only reply i got was from 0218136940 to answer my ? if they sell to the public...and only now for 1st time since 2013 Dec i tried to browse the net for them and found these posts.. if it need to contact Owner to help you find this rep on their forums.. just leave my name out of it please..

  • Sotiris 4 Jul 2014, 11:36 AM

    I ordered a PS4 in September 2013.I received the same bull Emails you guys received. is there any one who has been able to get some sort of refund or had any progress in the matter?

  • Yaseen 1 Jun 2014, 03:03 PM

    Hi guys I'm so surprised at how Phoenix tech changed. Last year November I ordered an Xbox one, Took 3 months to be delivered. I also had a feeling that they were not honest and trustworthy, but prayed and luckily my console came, sorry about your losses

  • Phillip10 29 May 2014, 10:34 PM

    I ordered a computer part from them last year October, but by November I suspected something was fishy so I cancelled and thankfully got all my money paid back into my account. Good luck to everyone affected by this! Hope there is light at the end of the tunnel and everyone receives their money back.

  • Pedro2 28 May 2014, 12:40 AM

    On March 13th I made an order memory and a hard drive to a computer INTEL NUC , worth approximately 150 euros. This material was shown to exist in stock on the Net page. The order was paid by bank transfer to Calvary Emporium , Inc.As indications on said page . Subsequently , due to the absence of delivery and any other information I was insisting to inform me about what was happening . First they replied that there was failure on the part of the supplier , then acknowledged that they could not provide me the material and then reverted to the silence. Continued to send emails and letters asking for the money back and so far not got any response. On May 13 , no longer possible to access the pages of Phoenix Tech , both in Europe and in South Africa, or simply ceased to exist. I had knowledge that at about three months , settled in London, where he created the company IAT CORE LTD that is the company Calvary Emporium LTD . This company is headed by Kim Davis Calvary Ashton , wife of Fernando Jorge Neto Calvary. The lack of money back and reply to mail that I sent to them , indicate suspicion of a crime of fraud.

  • Mark Wilson 26 May 2014, 03:08 PM

    I ordered a PS4 in September last year and also received the same rubbish from these people that everyone else has been fed. Customs issues, damaged unit and then 'sorry we're going under' and we're not giving you your cash back. Too bad the scorpions were disbanded by our criminal president

  • Tevin 22 May 2014, 10:25 AM

    the same thing has happened to me, i have paid for my ps4 pre-order on the 5th of november 2013 and they kept delaying it eventually they tell me that the company is undergoing financial probelms and i must request my bank (FNB) to submit a claim through to pay-pal so i can get my refund. i contacted pay-pal and they say that they could not help since 45 days has passed and after the worst experience i have ever had with fnb they tell me that they cannot help since 120 days has passed. this is so wrong, i cant understand how this legit company can get away with just taking peoples' hard earned money away. till now phoenix-tech is not answering their phones or responding to my mails!

  • Hein3 15 May 2014, 06:10 PM

    Hi, I wanted to buy a Bitfenix Badge from them, I went to the offcial Bitfenix website and pointed out Phoenix-Tech as the only suppliers in RSA. When I tried to go to their website by browser said Hostname lookup for "" failed. I tried other browsers and other ISPs but got the same message. I seems Phoenix-Tech has disappear overnight, I was a few weeks on the page and was still operating fine.

  • Moloko Mongalo 14 May 2014, 10:13 AM

    I've had R5500 pre ordering a PS4. It seems like I won't get my money back, I've made peace with that. But this is so wrong. many other lost their money this way. What can we do?

  • D Dorasamy 13 May 2014, 09:52 AM

    same problem here. purchased goods last year feb and still have not received my full order

  • Username7178 8 May 2014, 06:40 AM

    Still owes me around 16k also , i got the rest back via reversal from the bank that i paid via paypal.

  • Tyrone3 7 May 2014, 06:10 AM

    The owner MR FERNANDO JORGE NETO CALVARIO (Listed as resident in Portugal) (We suspect he is living in Cape Town where where trading from) and director of CALVARIO EMPORIUM LTD the holding company in the UK. He has filed for srike-off from the UK companies listing in 2013 but kept on trading as and Money gets paid into CALVARIO EMPORIUM LTD and ABSA and Nedbank accounts have been closed in the last days. They also removed all posts on their Facebook site regarding this scam. I am in the process of compiling an affidavit with all related information for the South African Police. Please post here if you have more information of contact details of MR FERNANDO JORGE NETO CALVARIO.

  • J Morkel 24 Apr 2014, 04:15 PM

    I experiencing the same they own more than R24,000 because they could not deliver the items that I ordered. The do not respond to my email and never answer their phone.

  • H Barnett 6 Apr 2014, 02:56 PM

    My experience is almost identical - same excuses given by them. Now they do not respond to calls or emails. I spent over R7000 with them in December. Someone needs to find the culprits.

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