I received this text stating that I had won a sum of R250 000.00 in the RICA PROMO:  RICA PROMO! Congratulation, You have won R250,000.00 in the RICA ALL NETWORKS AWARDS 2014. WITH (REF NO RIC161SA), CALL Mr Williams ON +27825419293, FOR CLAIM.  The text message came from 081 835-6222 and when phoning this Mr Williams alarm bells immediately started ringing with his heavy Nigerian French accent. He requested me to send various details such as my mobile number, bank account number, the above mentioned RICA ref number and the Province I reside in to his mobile number 082 541-9293, which I did.  I then received the following text from 061 408-0862:  RICA TRANSFER DEPT), Congratulations; Dear winner, your Ref No (RIC161SA). Have been activated on our central computer system, your prize is ready for transfer, before transfers commences an amount of R1,950.00 is requested for Insurance and Clearance Fees. Please contact your claim agent, Mr Williams, ON +27825419293, for the immediate payment instructions. Thank you.  I then contacted Mr Williams again on 082 541-9293 and he informed me that I need to deposit amount of R1950.00 as indicated above in order for my prize to be transferred into my account. He informed me that as soon as I had the funds available I must contact him and he would forward me the account details into which I could make the payment. I requested that he give me the account details so that when I had the funds I could do the transfer, to which he became somewhat agitated and said that only when I had the funds ready I must contact him so that someone could verify the payment and clear my winnings – more alarm bells. At this stage I do not have the R1950.00 to make the payment and Mr Williams has contacted me several times from what he claims is his office number 021 823-6535 urging me to make the payment. He also enquired if I receive a text when money is transferred into my account, to which I said I do. He then informed me that I might receive a text stating that the money had been paid into my account before I had even paid the R1950.00 insurance and clearance fee. This also seemed a bit odd to me and lo and behold I received the text this morning (Saturday 29th March) at 08:00 AM stating a deposit of R250 000.00 had been made into my bank account. It seems the text came from an automated text generating machine with the number +2784000151070416.  I have also managed to obtain numbers of other people that have received the same message and was informed by various people that when they started questioning this Mr Williams about the legallity of this message he released the call.  I have also managed to ascertain (if this info is of use to anyone) that Mr williams's office number 021 823-6535 is a NEOTEL number, his mobile number 082 541-9293 and the number that sent the original text (081 835-6222) are VODACOM numbers while the "RICA TRANSFER DEPT" number 061 408-0862 is a Telkom Mobile (8.ta) number.

Report ID: 6014
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: Centurion
Address: Centurion, Pretoria
Crime Date/Time: 26 Mar 2014, 00:03 AM
Reported By: Username6014
Reported Date: 29 Mar 2014, 14:03 PM
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