False property advertisment in Centurion

On Monday the 24th March, I answered an advert on Gumtree for a house to let in Amberfield Ridge, Centurion. The advertiser said that i could come and view the house at 10am the following day (Tuesday). On Tuesday morning i sent him an sms to confirm our appointment and he requested that i come at 10.30. Upon arrival i was greeted outside by the person named Sibu Dlangamanga. He showed me around the house and i told him that i would take it. Upon leaving he handed me a lease agreement and i told him that i would have the deposit paid into his account the following day. Later on that afternoon he phoned me and requested that i meet him again at the house as we should sign the lease agreement together. i at that stage requested if i could take some photographs of the house so i could show my husband the house as he was unable to show the house after hours as he claimed that he was working after hours and he did not actually reside on this property. He claimed upon me seeing the house that the house was owned by him and his brother and his brother was relocating to the UK and therefore they decided to let the house out instead of selling it as they wanted to keep it as an asset. When i arrived there on Tuesday to sign the agreement he seemed very edgy and was almost rushing me to leave the house. i found this a bit weird but didnt make too much of it as when i asked him if he was in a rush he claimed that he had to go and fetch his nephew from school who was ill. I walked around the house and took a couple of pictures and then left. Before leaving the one thing that i did find odd was the fact that he claimed that he had to go and get himself dressed, Which i found very strange as when i first saw the house he claimed he did not live there, so why would he be getting dressed there if that was the truth. On my way home i phoned the above mentioned person and requested a copy of the lease agreement and he stated that he was not at home at the moment and would call me as soon as he got home from the doctor with his nephew. I never heard anything from him. A little later i called again and he claimed  that he was not at home and that his nephew had been referred to a specialist in town as his appendix had burst and that he would email it to me as soon as he got home. I at the same time noticed that the photographs i took of the house that morning were not the same as the photographs he placed on the advert for the house, upon approaching him about this he claimed that the house in the advert was another house that he owned in amberfield manor and that he originally had that one up for rent but that it was already taken. i started getting very suspect then and i called my father who was depositing the money for the deposit into S Dlangamanga account, i requested that he pay the deposit to me instead of the above mentioned person as i was suspect of him but unfortunately he had already made the deposit. i called once more to inform him that i was driving past there on the way to my childrens school and would like to collect a copy of the contract, he however once again claimed he was not at home and he requested my residential address so that he could drop off a copy on his way back from the doctor. i did not disclose this information. i never heard from him again regardless of the amount of times i sent him sms or called him. i therefore decided to go to the house which he advertised and i spoke to the security who called the head of body corporate who informed me that it was infact a scam, that he was infact showing the house beloning to his cousin with whom he was residing. His cousin apparently got suspect of him and security informed her that people had been coming to view her property while she was at work and when she approached him about this issue he claimed he was going to talk to security about it and then promptly disappeared and that she was unable to reach him on the number he provided her and me. I then went to talk to her and requested that he look around the house to see if he left the agreement in the house which he didnt and she said she would be in touch with me if she heard anything from him. Which she apparently hadnt. I paid the advertiser an amount of R8500 deposit on the place and he has apparently drawn all the money out of the account. If anyone has any information regarding the above said person please feel free to email me. He also goes by the name of Sibusisu Kokwane.

Report ID: 6027
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: Centurion
Address: 3131 Assegai Avenue, Amberfield Ridge, Centurion
Crime Date/Time: 27 Mar 2014, 00:03 AM
Reported By: Username6027
Reported Date: 31 Mar 2014, 21:03 PM
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