Birmen Kittens for sale

Hi found a breeder of Birman kittens that advertised them for sale. I contacted this breeder but the line was very bad, which should have already have been a hint. we started emailing and i was then sent a selection of photos of the different kittens for sale. I chose one and it was confirmed that the kitten was being reserved for me. I then paid the sum of R3000 odd for the kitten and R700 odd for the courier of the kitten from the Karoo to Jhb.The kitten was supposed to be delivered on the 21 March, and this did not happen. I then searched for the breeder (a Helen Massyn), and found her mobile number through the internet, and contacted her as this mobile number was different to the number I was provided when I had selected and paid for the kitten. On speaking to Helen, she told me to please be careful as there is a syndicate of fraudsters that are using her details to sell kittens that do not exist. Its then when I went onto this report a crime web site that I found the other people stories, where they have also been scammed. Eventually after emailing the false breeder, as they then don't answer their mobile numbers, I was sent an email from the courier company, and they called me to tell me that the kitten is at OR Tambo, and that they can only deliver the kitten in a climate controlled crate, this would be an additional R5000 refundable rental fee and a further fee for vaccinations etc. Thank goodness I did not pay for this, but asked then to deliver the kitten and we can them talk about the fee. To which I did not hear from them again. Please beware these con artists. 

Report ID: 6043
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: Parktown
Address: Johannesburg, Parktown 2163
Crime Date/Time: 21 Mar 2014, 00:03 AM
Reported By: Username6043
Reported Date: 2 Apr 2014, 20:04 PM
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