Drug Syndicate in Silverton, Pretoria

There is a Nigerian medical doctor (only known as doctor) who is running the building on number 193 De-Boulevard Street in Silverton, Pretoria who supplies drugs to a guy (only known as AJ) for sale to the people. We have reported the issue to the police several times but what we see now is that police vehicles go in and out of the place yet the people are still selling the staff there. There is a red container shop in front of the house (opposite a primary school) run by the doctor's wife (who also sells the drugs). School children from the school (primary) buy cigarettes from that spaza and smoke behind it during their tea breaks. The guy selling drugs (AJ) threatens people with death if they ask him about the drugs. He threatened me that he has a lot of money and can get me killed if anything should be heard about this. We are asking for assistance with this matter with police units not from Silverton but real units with sniffer dogs to descend on the property and check these things out before our communities and our small children from the opposite school are destroyed through drugs.

Report ID: 6108
Crime Category: Drugs
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: Silverton
Address: 198 De Boulevard St, Silverton
Crime Date/Time: 1 Mar 2014, 00:03 AM
Reported By: Username6108
Reported Date: 10 Apr 2014, 13:04 PM
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