Scammed on OLX

I posted my camera and lenses on OLX as i really need the money to pay expenses. A person by the name of Bruce Palmer contacted me via 0710005719. He said that he wanted to buy the camera as a gift for his wife. I then sms'd him my email address and told him to email me so that I can forward him my banking details. I then forwarded my banking details and I then received an ABSA notice of payment SMS as well as an email as proof of payment. 

As of yet no funds have reflected in my account. The payment was made by Trinity Holdings (Pty) Ltd. I then googled the company and called them, only to have them tell me that they have received numerous complaints of the same nature. Being the trusting individual that I am, as soon as I received the proof of payments I couriered off the camera to Number 106 Cnr Dunbar Street and Bezuidenhout, Yeoville, Johannesburg, 2198. Bruce Palmer asked me to mark the parcel under his caretaker's name, M. Kujeke. The email address corresponding to Bruce Palmer is

So here I sit without the camera and without the R9000,00 that I "sold" the camera for. 

I have opened a case of Fraud with the Police, so I am just holding thumbs that something is done about this.

Report ID: 6157
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: North West
City/Town: Potchefstroom
Suburb: N/A
Address: N/A
Crime Date/Time: 11 Apr 2014, 00:04 AM
Reported By: Username6157
Reported Date: 16 Apr 2014, 14:04 PM
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  • Nicholas2 17 Aug 2015, 11:41 AM

    Hi all, thanks for these posts regarding Edmund Phiri. I managed to read them before my 13 year old son lost his X-Box to this scam artist. We also received a very quick proof of deposit from ABSA and pressure to drop the goods off urgently with his daughter in Killarney Mall. Also claimed that the X-Box would be a gift for a child. what was also amazing was how he responded to the OLX post within minutes of my son placing the advert.

  • Mira 5 Aug 2015, 10:32 AM

    This same Edmond Phiri called me as he seems to be interested by the couches I was selling! He pretended to have deposited 10,000 ZAR on my FNB Account and sent me a fake Absa proof of payment using the email address He directly started calling me using the 0730279732 to come and collect the couches. I told him I couldn't release my couches until the money appears on my bank account. He asked what was my citizenship, I told him and he insisted to come and collect. I refused and asked him to be patient till a day after. Unfortunately for this criminal this did not work this time. We are just wondering why these kind of persons can't be arrested by the police and put to jail!!!

  • Frans Gonsalves 9 May 2015, 02:11 PM

    Same here- Advertised a 3 door cold-drink fridge for R8000.00. Received a Nedbank POP for the amount and released the fridge to his courier. Just to find out the next day that the money wasn't available. When contacting the bank they said they cant take responsibility. Should wait till the money is available in your account. What a school fee to pay!

  • Merv 26 Nov 2014, 11:37 AM

    Same thing just happened to me. Advertised a lounge suite for 10k.An Edmond Phiri with email address and using cellphone number 0731579679. Sent me proof of payment via SMS and email. Then stated he needed the goods immediately When I refused until money showed in my account. He said that I should transfer the money back when it shows as he doesnt want to complete the deal anymore! Good luck with that buddy.

  • Username6157 30 Sep 2014, 11:20 AM

    Excuse my language here people, and you as well admins, but i hope this fucker burns in hell! I had investigators looking into it, but they ended up doing jack shit. Really hope someone puts a bullet in his head soon so he can go rot in hell...

  • Almeri Vogelesang 30 Sep 2014, 11:12 AM

    Unbelievable the same happened to me just this weekend on Gumtree. Also desperately needed the money and sold my Samsung Tablet for R 3500 half of what it is worth. And yup same story had to courier it to Sandton where his so called driver would pick it up. Wont believe me but it was a "gift for his daughter". And yes I also couriered it as soon as I received the proof of payment. Also with the email address He is just going to keep getting away with it if you guys were scammed in April and May and now me..

  • sad5 12 May 2014, 10:18 PM

    can't believe this! the exact same thing happened to us! Also, our camera - couriered urgently to Randburg - customer " ROY JELD". this money was for our rent & food for the month!!!R7000...(camera valued about double that, but we were desperate to sell)

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