Woman and Child abuse

Husband various times screaming and hitting the wife and 2 small kids, destroy items in and outside the home, even tried to hit and kick the wife's car.  He is very reckless, cursing and assaulting them almost daily.  If you try to help he curse you.

Report ID: 622
Crime Category: Domestic Violence
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: Annlin
Address: 5 Fairfield Village, 99 Bloulelie Street, Annlin, 0182
Crime Date/Time: 28 Aug 2010, 00:08 AM
Reported By: Username622
Reported Date: 19 Oct 2010, 13:10 PM
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  • Rob2 29 Apr 2014, 11:29 PM

    You can get an interdict against him, but while living with him its a waste of time, you need to move out and get an interdict to prevent future abuse. Once you got an interdict you cannot go visiting him or he cannot visit you, else it was a waste.

  • Zelda10 8 Aug 2012, 04:15 PM

    my friend is married to a guy they have a 6 year old son currently not one of the two is working and they planned to come and stay with her sister to get back on track suddenly he doesn't want to move anymore but she wants to make a break to make a better future for her child he then went and hit both her knees with a hammer she couldn't walk for 3 days, her father wants help for her but we are now afraid that she will lose the child. Could you please advise on what to do Thank you

  • Rae 19 Dec 2011, 02:25 PM

    You are psychotic Carnegie Nkosi, I suggest you stop wasting your money stalking Dane Pillay and Angel Pillay and rather spend it on a therapist... In South African terms, jy befok, sies...!!!

  • Carnegie Nkosi 16 Dec 2011, 03:28 PM

    I see Dane Pillay always on Crime report what must we do as people catch this man we are not police so don't ask us go to the police I say stop putting crime about small fraud and small assault cases Dane Pillay Is innocent until proven guilty in a court so stop saying Dane Pillay everywhere on the web it must stop MY NAME IS DANE PILLAY ALSO but not the woman abuser fraud scammer and thief Dane Pillay. I know Dane Pillay he is married in Johannesburg to Angel Pillay Appaduray they have pictures on Facebook on angel pillay appaduray that is the criminal couple but I still see them with no arrests maybe I hear once they paid R 35000 in Randburg to one lady but Dane pillay is common name so look at picture I will show whoever wants to see Dane Pillay the Criminal but stop putting My name Dane pillay on the Internet there are lots of Danes who feel the same way this One Dane is giving us all a bad name please refer to Dane pillay the criminal as Dane & Angel Pillay Appaduray as then I will not be the one everyone on Facebook and Facebook ask about me sorry you lost money but you were dishonest to pay for a job as well so you too ate criminal so don't come on crime report because the police can't help criminals like you job payers Dane pillay is innocent or atleast this Dane is :)

  • Carnegie Nkosi 16 Dec 2011, 03:19 PM

    I will pay R500 if someone can off me catch him and hit him like he a woman then I get justice I get from the money R500 justice he must get hit by people with stones then I say Dane Pillay you hit woman you must go hell with devil I get R500 for hittin him like dog then I give R600 you kill for Dane I no want I no money for kill Stop woman abuse

  • Carnegie Nkosi 16 Dec 2011, 03:15 PM

    I know too well how abuse go with woman I was hit with bottles brandy and pushed in deep pool to drown by Dane Pillay in Johannesburg I put report at police station they say Dane Pillay is wanted for more serious crime than woman abuse I got hospital days 5 weeks for he hit me I saw a girl get hit so u go say stop now the Dane hit me with bottle and push me in pool for lucky I swim I know I say Dane Pillay must be arrested for woman abuse and fraud u saw in police station I move to Durban now that man say he kill me I go police I go police now I must be scared because the police never do anything they say he got worse crimes Dane Pillay must get arrested for abuse

  • BRADLEY CARTER 16 Dec 2011, 03:53 AM

    Mr Bradley Carter from Sweet Waters Antique in Parys, Abuse his family. He hits hit wife, and emotionally brainwash and abuse his emotionally children. Bradley withdraw money from his wife unless she gives him sex against her will. He yells and hit his wife infront of the kids and smoke dope in their presents. Bradley Carter from parys should be stopped

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