Zoom Oil & GAS Job offer Fraud

My Uncle in India got a Job Offer from a company named 'Zoom Oil & Gas Construction' to join as a 'Sr. Marketing head'.Salary they offered was 10500 GBP per month. They asked to send the Work Permit Processing Fees first which they said will be reimbursed once he reaches SA and joins the company. They even have a website. The address mentioned is all fake. I personally visited the address.it says 282 Woodmead. (http://www.zoomoilgas-za.com/)Also They asked the VISA to be processed by the below address.
ESSYTONIC IMPORT AND EXPORT CHAMBERS PTY Approved Principal Attorney Dr.Themba Solomon 461 Miriam Makeba Street Mpumalanga South Africa Postal Code: 1050 Telephone Number: 00278-4073-5071 Fax Number: 0027923782222E-mail: info@essytonicpty.com
 I even spoke to This MR. Themba Solomon. He refused to talk to me and said he doesnt deal with Third party. When i Threatened him that I will report him to the Cops, Shamelessly he tells me to 'Go ahead and inform the Cops'. Such fearlessness. I wish I am in a room with this Themba Solomon with a Baseball bat in my hand. 
Luckily I enquired in time and my uncle couldn't get duped. But I feel sad for some innocent people who might get lured into this Scam. I wish the SAPO and SA Cyber Crime fraud please take action against this Themba Solomon. Themba Solomons cell no is 0840735071.

Report ID: 6242
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: Northcliff
Address: pritam.singh@fnb.co.za
Crime Date/Time: 22 Apr 2014, 00:04 AM
Reported By: Username6242
Reported Date: 2 May 2014, 11:05 AM
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  • Username6242 19 May 2014, 03:34 PM

    Mr Michael I am sure You are one of the accomplice of the fraudsters. if Not then please prove me wrong by sharing the Correct website and the Complete Address of this so called Zoom Oil and Gas company in South Africa. I feel that you are suffering because on Google Search the moment you type Zoom Oil and gas, this Fraud report appears. Cheers Pks

  • Michael 24 19 May 2014, 12:10 PM

    Mr Singn Pritam Singh, Your report was totally wrong as my Cousin is working in Zoom Company South Africa for many years also the appointment letter is not the same as Zoom correct appointment.Its either you want to sabotage the Company or someone is misusing Zoom details. Advise people to ignore this Singn

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