I SAW AN AD IN OLX ON 30/04/2014 ABOUT ROTTWEILER PUPPIES FOR R2600 AND THE CONTACT PERSON WAS WYNAND STEWART FROM NELSPRUIT-WITH EMAIL<>I EMAILED HIM AND TOLD HIM THAT MY ROTTWEILER DIED AND I WANT TO BUY A PUPPY FROM HIM AND IF HE CAN SEND ME SOME PICS ,HE DID SEND ME SOME PICS AND SAID THAT I MUST PAY R2600 FOR THE PUPPY AND ALSO R450 FOR AIRLINE FEE THEN HE WILL SEND THE PUPPY COZ HE IS NO LONGER IN NELSPRUIT,HE IS IN GEORGE NOW,I SAID NO AND CANCEL THE DEAL. SOME TIME WENT BY AND THEN WYNAND SEND AN EMAIL AGAIN ON MONDAY 05/05/2014-NOW HE SAID THAT I CAN PAY ONLY A DEPOSIT OF R1550 THEN WHEN I RECEIVE THE PUPPY I CAN PAY THE REST IN,WOW I THINK THAT WAS NICE OF HIM AND I PAYED THE R1550 IN HIS BANK ACCOUNT AT FNB. WYNAND PROMISED ME THAT HE WILL TAKE THE PUPPY TO PETTAXI THE NEXT MORNING TO MAKE ALL THE ARRANGEMENTS,I DID BELIEVE HIM. THE NEXT MORNING-06/05/2014 I RECEIVE A CALL FROM PETTAXI AND THE PERSON(A MAN WITH A HAVY ACSENT)SAID THAT I MUST PLEASE READ MY EMAIL THAT HE HAVE SEND ME AND IT IS VERY URGENT,I MUST ACT NOW COZ THE PUPPY MUST GO ON THE AIRLINE-THIS IS HIS EMAIM=="We are sorry toinform you that,  We can't use your puppy's crates  to transport your puppy in for security reasons at this  period, It hasbeen evaluated by our pet specialist and confirmed with us that it  is notgood for the Atmospheric conditions this period.Your puppy willneed a Temperature Regulator crate to be shipped to you.So you are requested to hire or purchase it from us.Without the required crate,we are sorry,wewill not handle the shipment  because should any thing happen to yourpuppy,we will be held responsible. We also have  crates here at our officethat can be hired. It will cost you R5050 to put  your puppy on board andas soon as they it is  delivered to you, You will get a refund of R5000 . We can't proceed without the caution fee of R5050.The Pet Control Departmenthere in collaboration with International Pet delivery, has come up with thePartial Refundable insurance fee that will stand as a guarantee for the life ofyour dog and to also make sure that you are there at the arrival time toreceive the puppy and get a refund of the money back.This is because mostClients are not always at the Airports or at home to receive  their petsand some of them don't ever show up even so the management decided to come upwith the refundable R5050 so that clients will be at the Airport or deliveryaddress to get their pets and get the refund back.Note : Your  caution fee is refundable upon delivery. Only R 50 willbe deducted from the R 5050 so you shall be getting R 5000 in cash as soon asdelivery is done. Please keep an Identification paper to confirm that you arethe right person to get this  puppy and the refund. Payment has to bemade to:First National Bank PetTaxi=62471346364=Code: 250655=NO THANK GOD I DIDNT PAY THIS MONEY,I PHONED MY FRIEND JAAP NAUDE AND HE PHONED PETTAXI HEAD OFFICE IN KIMBERLY AND THE LADY SAID THAT IT IS A SCAM AND THAT I MUST NOT PAY ANNY MONEY TO THIS PERSON. I LOST THE MONEY AND THE PUPPY. 

Report ID: 6287
Crime Category: Other
Province: Mpumalanga
City/Town: Witbank
Suburb: DELMAS
Address: George
Crime Date/Time: 6 May 2014, 00:05 AM
Reported By: Username6287
Reported Date: 9 May 2014, 10:05 AM
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