Fake EFT and documents

One of our salesman received an enquiry for 12 starter motors and 12 alternators for Scania trucks which he quoted on. The company was DMM DIAMONDS cc. The person who called is going by the name of Gavin. 3 days later we received a Nedbank EFT proof of payment for the amount of R75620.20 for the quoted items. They also sent us a copy of their VAT certificate and Company registration document. On both documents there were spelling errors?? The telephone number he gave us was, yes you have guessed it 011 803 0004. We knew this was a scam. We had the EFT payment document checked out by a certain contact we have at Nedbank which checked and verified the company exists and have a few million in the bank, but there was no movement of money of this amount in their account. After sending him the EFT document he also verified that the Nedbank does not use the reference numbers which they have on the document. This Gavin was in a big rush to collect the goods and he said he will be sending a driver to collect. We thought we will play along and tell him that the goods is ready and that he can come and collect. They arrived and we let them pull into the back of our premises to "load the goods". We closed both our gates and locked them in and got our armed response company and SAP to come. The guys that were collecting were just runners and were told to collect the goods and that this Gavin would then tell them the address where to deliver it as soon as they have it. They were offered a R1200. The drivers were very upset and said that they did not know what was going on as they were just hired to do the delivery. They did not want to be involved in a crime as it is his vehicle involved with his number plate on our CCTV cameras. They were willing to play along and when the Gavin guy phoned them they said they were busy loading the goods and asked where they must deliver it. Gavin told them at a certain Caltex garage in Rosettenville JHB. We loaded empty boxes on their bakkie to fake the goods. I showed the police this post www.reportacrime.co.za/CrimeReport.aspx?ID=2042 and they can see that they have been operating for a long time. I told the police to follow him and then arrest this "Gavin". The 2 police officers laughed in my face. Saying they can't do anything as I must phone Rosettenvile police and tell them and that they were knocking off at five. It was  2:00pm. I told them how useless they are and said that I will call the local Superintendent at the SAP in Kempton Park and go above them. I explained the whole situation with the Superintendent, she took my details and said that she will arrange it so that we can catch these guys once and for all. 10 minutes later she phoned me back and said that she is so sorry but she can't do anything. She phoned SA Crime line to ask for help, special operations, Rosettenvile police and some other policing body and no one can do anything about it. She is very sorry.  I told her the SAP has failed us and I believe every South-African. Here we are trying to catch these guys and practically helping the SAP to catch these guys who have been scamming people from 2012 which we know off. If a Superintendent in the police can't even arrange anything within their own people what chance do we as local South-Africans. The drivers were upset and asked but why can't the police do anything. We called it a day and left it there. We managed to contact the real DMM DIAMONDS CC and the owner told me I was the second call this last 2 months with the same scam. Please guys we have to alert and not fall for these scams. Allot of people don't but unfortunately some do and loose allot of money. We have to protect ourselves as I am sorry to say it but the SAP can't, won't, don't care I do not know. I have no faith in the SAP, only faith in Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. God bless

Report ID: 6549
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
City/Town: Kempton Park
Suburb: CBD
Address: 19 Oak avenue
Crime Date/Time: 23 Jun 2014, 00:06 AM
Reported By: Username6549
Reported Date: 24 Jun 2014, 15:06 PM
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  • Username6549 8 Jul 2015, 01:11 PM

    Hello Joy, I posted the original post about the DMM Diamonds scam. At that time I managed to get the number for the owner of the real DMM Diamond company which confirmed the scam, unfortunately I can't find their number to help you out. Best is to let the money clear first before you even think of giving them the ring. Also rather meet at a public place as it is much safer than meeting them at your home. Regards Conley

  • Joy4 8 Jul 2015, 12:51 PM

    Good day I just came across this page when I tried to look up a company on the internet by the name DMM Diamonds cc. I advertised a wedding ring and they contacted me a view minutes ago willing to buy my ring no questions asked. They mailed me the absa proof of payment, business reg and tax documents and Id copy. These people are coming to my house this afternoon to collect. What do I do now and what if it is the same people pulling this scam?

  • Cornelle 15 Feb 2015, 12:54 PM

    I was almost caught by this scam today. I was on my way to go meet the so called daughter that is leaving for cape town. Lucily my dad told me to google the company dmm diamond cc and I saw it was a scam. Thanks guys for saving me from a big scam.

  • tasneem2 11 Feb 2015, 12:58 PM

    I experienced the same situation today. Lucky i didnt go through with the transaction.

  • Richard Ranoto 10 Jan 2015, 02:30 PM

    I have an information about this people as I am posting right now they made a fake payment into my account and I was supposed meet this guy the very same day he came with a story that her daughter is leaving today .I posted at olx selling my laptop thanx to this post I withdrew from their deal

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