Cane Corso puppy for sale

 I would like to warn fellowmen of the following SCAMWe came across an advert for a Cane Corso puppy and made contact with an individual who spoke with a foreign accent. The name he used was Nick Gareth nickgareth2000@gmail.comWe were sent photographs of various puppies, chose one and paid over R3000.00 for the dog, depositing the money into the account mentioned below-ABSA BANK account number: 9297267410Bank branch code: 632005
The next e-mail we got was a lengthy letter regarding the shipment included the following...
Pet  Transport   Delivery   Tel: +27-788-859-116Fax:    053 831 4038 Number 7 Howie Road,                       Email:
The experienced pet moving specialists at Pet Delivery Service,The  air cargo agency will handle your pets delivery with confidence, professionalism, and trust. Pet Delivery  rules  are designed for the safety and welfare of your pet during airline cargo transport. Pet Taxi  Handler is governed by the rules, regulations and mandates of the Animal Welfare Act , The AWA and the Federal Law governing scheduled airline air cargo shipments.Your puppy will need a Temperature Regulator crate to be shipped to you.So you are requested to  hire or purchase it from us.Without the required crate,we are sorry,we will not handle the shipment  because should any thing happen to your puppy,we will be held responsible. We also have  crates here at our office that can be hired. It will cost you R5050 to put  your puppy on board and as soon as they it is  delivered to you, You will get a refund of  R5000 . We can't proceed without the caution fee of R5050. The Pet Control Department here in collaboration with International Pet delivery, has come up with the Partial Refundable insurance fee that will stand as a guarantee for the life of your dog and to also make sure that you are there at the arrival time to receive the puppy and get a refund of the money back. This is because most Clients are not always at the Airports or at home to receive  their pets and some of them don't ever show up even so the management decided to come up with the refundable R5050 so that clients will be at the Airport or delivery address to get their pets and get the refund back. Payment details - 
Bank : Absa  Bank   Account Name : Pet  Transport  Account Number : 9297083947 Branch Code: 632005 Amount : R 5050
Medical Specialist Amber Larson, Vet Instructor:Lauren Steve,           General Manager Dr. Douw 078 885 9116

After we refused to pay a further R5000 for a special 'crate' we received an e-mail from 'Nick' stating Please first i will like to inform you that I'm a trust worthy Christian and i do not cheat people out of their hard earn money or lie to them to sell my puppies. You have absolutely nothing to be worried about as you made the right choice and met the right person that will definitely get you what you are looking for. Puppy will be delivered to you with all the registration papers and a booklet that will guide you to raise your puppy without any problem as i explain to you all i just want for this my Puppies is just a loving and a wonderful home and the way you people did responded to me i am so convince that you guys are pets lovers and your home and family will really be a wonderful place  for this my puppy Molly so please trust in me that you are absolutely going to get the puppy alright. I  Never knew about the R5050 that the delivery agency is requesting but i was being assured that the money will be refunded back to you upon delivery of your puppy that is their rules and regulation. Please we should just try and figure out something asap so your puppy can be deliver over to you today and i promise to do all what i can alright.Thanks and Waiting

Report ID: 6680
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: N/A
Address: Kimberley
Crime Date/Time: 19 Jul 2014, 00:07 AM
Reported By: Username6680
Reported Date: 23 Jul 2014, 12:07 PM
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  • Janine119575 11 Apr 2018, 11:32 AM

    Herewith all the details we have for them:
    SA Pet Express Courier
    3 Logan street, Bonaero Park or 40 Borcherd Street, Upington.
    Contact numbers: 061 114 1336 / 086 719 7854 / 053 831 4038 / 078 160 0091
    Emails: and (Elizabeth van de Welt)
    Capitec. Acc 1418318041 (Van de Welt Elizabeth)
    Absa Acc 1417775821 (Katlekgo MRSaepress)
    The ID's are obviously fake / stolen
    Ashley Stander Voster - 740610 0126 087
    Fred Dawson Saeed - 750111 5157 083

  • marthiehauptfleisch 1 Oct 2015, 09:27 AM

    aijaijai: There goes R1500 for Rose the pug.

  • courtney 23 Feb 2015, 07:29 PM

    I've just lost R4450 by the same people, foreign voices. Anyone familiar with Mr Service douw? Cna anyone help me out as I have a copy of his id

  • Claire6 4 Dec 2014, 02:23 PM

    Hi everyone You must report these crimes to the police and the bank, I have just contacted Capitec bank and they were seriously helpful and took this matter very seriously! Only way to combat this sort of crime!! Claire

  • Claire6 4 Dec 2014, 01:17 PM

    Oh no my boss was just scammed by this guy - lost 1500 - same story as above :(

  • CARRIE 16 Nov 2014, 08:41 AM

    Thanks to all for your contributions above. I approached him for a Birman kitten and decided to 'Google' his email address and found this thread. To - Keep up the good work... one less scam occurred today as a direct result of your site!

  • Bronwyn 7 27 Oct 2014, 08:17 PM

    I am busy cancelling an order for a Rotweiller puppy from the same guy thanks to this post!!! Thank you for saving me from a huge loss. The whole thing seemed to good to be true so I decided to Google his name. I stood to lose R3200.

  • Dr L Sweers 5 Aug 2014, 10:42 PM

    Hi guys, I recently got a phone call about someone also defrauded by these people using a fake hip and elbow dysplasia certificate that was issued by me in 2011, but obviously altered according to their specific needs. You can see the certificate is fake, since the fonts differ. However, to try and get to the bottom of this I would like to figure out where the fake certificate started getting around as that may bring us closer to finding these con-people. Thus, your help is needed here. If you were provided with (fake) documents like hip and elbow dysplasia certificates during the communication process with these people, could you please pass this on to me or even just the certificate number at the top will help (Will start with an "L" or "F" or "K", most probably). If all of these certificates point to the same person, I will be able to tie them all together and see where it started, because that person is probably involved in this. Much appreciated! Regards and good luck to us all getting these suckers, Dr Lynelle Sweers

  • MARIANNA3 24 Jul 2014, 08:50 AM

    We were scammed in EXACTLY the same way! Same person, same details - everything as reported above, including the story about being a Christian & promising to refund our money. Please be warned everyone, and don't get caught by the same crowd of unscrupulous fraudsters!

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