I was contacted by a individual by the name of Wandile Motha with the email 0612540543 - 0782028338 offering me a loan i requested a 150k and they said to me they can only approve me for 92k all i had to do was pay a levy of R263 so i paid the levy next was another payment of 300 odd then another of 400 odd as dumb as i am i paid the amounts then the following day i was contacted by a lady from admin by the name of Diedrie van Rensburg 0717546307 she said to me she was busy with the contract and i had to pay a contract fee of 300 odd after that she contacted me with a few more payments and as dumb as i am i paid them as i thought it would be a small price to pay for a decent loan with out any hassle but then i was contacted by another woman that claimed to be from the accounts department by the name of Charlene 0729186123 she was ready to process my
as per usual the story came out i had to pay her commission and a few other charges all via e wallet as dumb as i am i payed all charges after that all of a sudden no cell phones where answered well that was that for the week.
Then the following day on a Sunday i got a call from a black woman calling her self amy mondi 0738651287 claiming to be one of the heads of finances she apologized of how i was handled and assured me i was going to receive my money  that day she sent me a PL contract and i had to pay her a contract and broker fee of 922 and once again after the payment was done she also disappeared shortly after that i was contacted by a Jodi Mansfield < claiming to be the head accountant and once again i was assured i was going to receive my funds then a few hours later she said to me she was on her way to church and a consultant by the name of emanual would sort everything out he then charged me 1500 for the express weekend release fee and assured me that i would receive my funds that night then the following day i was contacted by the Diedrie woman again once again wanting more money then murphys law that Jodie Mansfield contacted me again as well with long story's that she had to submit again and wanted another 250 once again as soon as she got it she disappeared now i am out of 16k and highly pissed off.
Then Murphy s law i received an email from one of the so called consultants Amy Mondi saying that she now feels sorry for me and confessed that they stole my money.

These are the people and contact that i dealt with who all contributed to defrauding me out of my hard earned money i have attached two photos of two of the culprits involved i will attach the rest for all the culprits as i receive them as there are people locating them at the moment and they will be found and punished.
Below are the details of all the perpetrators please be warned as i believe these people are operating out of Santon and Pretoria :

1.   Wandile Motha   I.D NO  8412146099088   also working under the name Henry George  0718399141 - 0123420851 - 0612540543 - 0782028338 - 0729186123.
2. Diedrie Van Rensburg  071546307
3. Charlene   0729186123

4. Amy Mondi    0738651287
5. Emanual   0738651287  Photo attached

6. Jody Mansfield   0838799235 - 0747949742 - 0119441000 - 0743543836 - 0717546307 - 0712585075  photo attached.
7. Annamarie Potgieter  0717546307
8. Lawrence Chetty. apparently a contractor for old mutual  0736305234
9. Lesley Lerwick  0616110127.
If any person that reads this add has any additional information on these perpetrators please don't hesitate to contact me on

Please all that read this all this people are bastards and they will steal all your money if given the chance so beware as i spoke to nine different people and they convinced me so it must be a syndicate a case has been opened and i truly hope the cops find them as the cops will have mercy on them i wont.

Report ID: 6714
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: KwaZulu/Natal
City/Town: DURBAN
Suburb: margate
Address: Smile internet bank
Crime Date/Time: 22 Jul 2014, 00:07 AM
Reported By: Username6714
Reported Date: 28 Jul 2014, 17:07 PM
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