Golden Arrow Bus for BLACKS only!

My partner and I got on a Golden Arrow Bus from Observatory to Cape Town. We sat down, opened a window, it was really hot already!!! So we just here these people start talking loud on the bus about 3 rows back. Suddenly a woman jumps over us and slams the window closed! She said to us: "No you must not open the window!" She was screaming at us and pointing towards us with her finger. My partner gets up and tells the bus driver that we are being verbally assaulted by a passenger! He said there is nothing he can do about it! So now they are screaming that this is their bus, we should be taking a car, we must "foetsek" and I don't know what else because they are talking Xhosa. We got up and sat in front for fear of our lives! The bus driver were laughing with them and I am now so scared of getting on a bus or opening a window! We both put  in a complaint, we got a call 2 days ago saying that it is our own fault to get on a "black-only" bus! How does that work. By the way, we are white and all of the passengers were black. Did I do something wrong? Is this racist or am I just being oversensitive???

Report ID: 676
Crime Category: Racism
Province: Western Cape
City/Town: CAPE TOWN
Suburb: Observatory
Address: Cape Town
Crime Date/Time: 26 Oct 2010, 00:10 AM
Reported By: Username676
Reported Date: 5 Nov 2010, 15:11 PM
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  • brain 4 Jun 2013, 06:46 AM

    I live around Xhosa people and I must say they always act this way, I do not mean to be racist. But they are always racist to us, I am black but because I do not speak xhosa they are racist to me, old and young alike. Not cool at all. The golden arrow manager should get arrested for racism, it is illegal. Take to newspaper and police. This can ruine their business and cause them to fail.

  • carlisa 8 Nov 2012, 01:02 PM

    if there is one in South Africa.

  • carlisa 8 Nov 2012, 01:01 PM

    If there is anyone else with this problem report them to the better business bureau surely thats illegal

  • Unknown 8 Nov 2010, 09:26 AM

    What I dont understand, I thought we are all trying to move forward, but it seems there are some that that just dont want to, what would of happened if the tabels was turned??????

  • Unknown 6 Nov 2010, 06:19 PM

    Ai Ai Ai, yes this does sound like racism to me! Unbelievable!!! Please go and report this on as well! Please let us know when/if you get any new feedback as Golden Arrow cant just say that it is your fault getting on a "black-only" bus! Etienne

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