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Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN LOAN SCAM!!!  OR VERY INCOMPETENT PEOPLE – SMILE BANK These people offer a loan, but you must pay like a million different fees, over 8 months they have made a million promises and have taken R14 000 from me, so I conclude this is a scam and I would like to warn people if they deal with anybody in my letter that they will loose money!!!! This letter serves as a warning and will hopefully help others not to make the same mistake as I did Last year December 2013 I was looking for a loan, I’m not credit worthy, but was approached by a lady Annamarie Potgieter ( She told me my loan was approved and referred me to a gentleman called Junior Motlatsi (  I phoned me he took my ID and 2 references and he came back to me and said my loan is approved.  He said I must pay a contract fee and a lady will contact me to get my details and pay my loan. I paid the fees, but was contacted by Jody Mansfield ( 0612873760 /0612631480. She told me another fee had to be paid before she can send my contract to me, I paid it, just to be told to pay another fee….. She stole about R10 000 of my money.  She used to call me six in the morning asking to pay fees, according to her the system that pays the money needs money to pay the loan, so I use to pay like 3 different kind of fees running around all day paying fees, then when I’m broke and don’t have money she will ask me for more fees and then the delay will cause the system to ask for more money and so on and so on.  Lies and lies, and by this time I was so desperate I was willing to believe anything and she use to cry and said she will help me and she feel so sorry that I don’t have my money yet. Another character in this story was Lesedi, he was even more useless than Jody, and apparently who ever pays the loan out will get commission on the loan so they would apparently sabotage my loan so that the other one could pay out the loan, this could have been a very clever lie just to get more money out of me. Then I was referred to a Diedre Kloof (, what a total bitch, she told me she was busy with a conference and can only help me Monday, I told her these people have already taken 4000 from my money with no results.  When she took over my case a lot of promises was make, money was taken from me with no loan paid.  When she demanded that I paid yet another fee, and I refused she told me Im fucking up everything. The next person to assist me was the Area Manager, her name was Jessica Daly ( she told me she wants to fire Lesedi, Diedre and Jody.  Her solution was also asking me for more money and then saying she will pay the loan but never did. I was then yet again in contact with Jody who took more money from me and made more promises to me and then she said to me this lady Mpho Mondi ( she promised me in a day my loan would be paid, I paid the relevant fees and then yet again to be told to pay more money, this one is apparently some kind legal representative of the company and the buck stopped with her, she was so rude to me as well when I refused to pay more money and she told me if I don’t pay the fees I would loose everything. By this time I was so big in this thing and have given so much money that in my mind I could not loose this money and I couldn’t not stop giving them money I kept on hoping that this is not a scam and I will get my money. I dealt with a number of other people like Justin van Rooyen ( /, who also told me he will sort out my loan together with Jody Mansfield, just to realize he just has stolen money from me, he disappeared after taking my money. Then the last person I had contact with is Jessica Mckenzie ( 0810446195 / 0848604120.  This one told me that Jody stole my money and there is a lot of corruption in their company and that she was leaving to work at African Bank. But she will assist me and I just have to pay 200 and Ill get my loan, well I got a notification just to be told to pay a release fee of R800 and ill get my loan.  I could not pay the release fee and so therefore I lost the loan yet again.  I got the sms notification and everything.  She said Smile is an overseas bank that gives unsecured loan in South Africa.  They have to ask the fees because they are not a normal bank, the fees is so they can make the transactions.  The fees are paid to the consultant’s cellphone number, so I don’t know how they keep track of all the payments.  So it’s a perfect set up for a scam, and they have lots of clever explanation, excuses to keep you hooked.  All fees are paid back with the loan. Jessica then said she will help me with an African Bank loan, I must just bribe this guy who works there and they will fix my record and Ill get a loan, I paid the bribe to Richard Muller from African Bank and then I had to pay an independent consultant from African Bank 800 to draw up the contract and come to my place to deliver and sign it.  I refused and she swore at me. I then email Riaan Barnard ( / also a useless person.  I don’t know who or what his role is in this scam or company, but he just wiped his ass with my complaint.  I told him that Jody and Jessica offered me a loan from African Bank and they were planning to leave their job and go to African Bank.  He then said he will pay my loan but I must pay another R450.  I refused and it was the last I dealt with these people, but my story was not finished. I spoke to Junior Motlatsi, I pleaded to him to assist me, he was so kind to refer me to Kgosi Pooe ( 0729186123 /0749699937. All I can say, this is the most arrogant, horrible person I’ve ever met. Also according to him he is the big boss and the buck stops with him. He also made me thousand promises and took about 4000 of my money just to turn around and say oh sorry, you were never suppose to get a loan, you never qualified.  I will pay your refund in April 2014. Guess what????  I have to pay a fee to get a refund?  Isnt that the funniest thing you have ever heard? I refused to pay him, I swore at this man, I’m telling you I have really given it to him, but nothing makes an impression, my threats doesn’t scare him at all. Jody Mansfield told me that Pooe was just Lesedi, Lesedi was fired and he was now Pooe stealing money from people, Pooe says Jody has been fired and she is stealing money from his clients. Then I was contacted by Marchand van Rooyen ( / who said that Pooe has no excess to the system, she has excess and is the only one who can help me, about a 1000 bucks later, no loan, just promises, what they do is you pay a fee then you must pay another fee, then you must pay another fee, then when you must pay another fee you are broke, the system lapses and you have to pay another fee and so and so on, so you never get the so called loan.  Pooe said again she was Jody. Then lastly I put this whole thing behind me, I wanted to go to the police, im too ashamed I feel like a stupid idiot that a have fallen for this scam.  Ive even emailed the NCR countless times, they never really assisted me, they just told me its against the law to ask money to borrow money.  It’s a scam, duh!!! Who do you report these scams to???  Who can help you???? Another gentleman emails me for my refund. Wandile Motha ( / he said just pay 60 bucks and ill refund you R11 077 bucks, like an idiot I paid it just to be told to pay another R42.50 I also paid it and guess what also no refund, after Wandile promised me he was going to pay it this morning, Im not surprised, because I know he will have some excuse just like Jody, some family emergency or he was off today and he will say I must pay another amount. The best is when you accuse these people of being scammer and thieves they act surprised??? They act really innocent like they have never have taken any money from you. I have thousands of emails and payments to proof all that I have said in this email. 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Report ID: 6792
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Western Cape
City/Town: CAPE TOWN
Suburb: Tableview
Address: 1 Villa Rouge, Helmsley Crescent
Crime Date/Time: 21 Dec 2013, 00:12 AM
Reported By: Username6792
Reported Date: 12 Aug 2014, 14:08 PM
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