Responded to an ad for a car in gumtree
Days later received a reply from a Liam Hale (liamhale23@gmail.com)

   My 2005 Volkswagen Golf 1.9 TDi is still for sale, has 87,000 kms, automatic DSG transmission. I'm a private seller and the final price is R 29,500. The car is tidy and mechanically in good running condition, non smoker, always garaged, has never been involved in any accident it has no leaks or drips.If you decide to buy it, you'll receive all the papers, owner manual, keys, a buy-sell contract already signed by me.My brother owned this car, he lived in, South Africa. My brother died two months ago in a motorcycle accident and now I'm the owner of the car but I decided to sell it. I also don't want to get rich on the death of my brother and also to bring the car here will cost me high import fees so that's so that's why I have lowered the price.I'm from Poland and is very difficult for me to get the car shipped here to my country so I chose to sell the car in South Africa.I'm not interested in any trades, only to sell it for cash! The car is priced for a fast sale, so it would be better if you don't need financing.
Please let me know where are you located and if you need anything else.

Thanks for your interest!
PS: If you want pics, please ask!

After sympathizing with him on the loss of his brother and intentions to buy the car i received the following (NB; how the context of both messages seem "automated" or in copy/paste

Hi again,

I appreciate your serious intentions for my car.Like you know, I`m located in Poland and I can`t make the sale in person because I`m not in South Africa.The transaction will be made through OLX Purchase Program to make sure we are handling this safely.The car and all the documents are located in Springbok in a sealed container in OLX Purchase Program custody.I'm sure you'll better understand the whole process after OLX Purchase Program will contact you. But I cannot start a deal if I don't have their agreement. I'll explain... There are taking place thousands of transactions through OLX Purchase Program daily. I'm paying some fees to OLX Purchase Program for mediating the deal. I start the transaction. They have send you the invoice. You make the payment. They are holding the funds in their account until you receive and inspect the car and its papers.
All documents,including clear title and a bill of sale on your name will be provided along with the car.Once the money will arrive to OLX Purchase Program account and they'll let me know and I will start the delivery process to your address, you will received the car in max 3 days.From the delivery day , you will have another 5 days to check the vehicle and the papers. If you'll be satisfied with it, than OLX Purchase Program will send the money from their bank account to my account.If it doesn't match my description or if you find anything wrong with it (is not our situation), OLX Purchase Program will refund your money is 2 working days and I will be in charge of the return delivery fee.
If you are still interested just send me your full name and delivery address and also your phone number. I will forward your info and they will notify you about our  deal.

Thank you.
Btw guys theres no such thing as an OLX Purchase Programe!!
Please do your research as would we next time!Sadly he would steal from us not even knowing our financial situation

Report ID: 6825
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Eastern Cape
Suburb: westering
Address: pe
Crime Date/Time: 17 Aug 2014, 00:08 AM
Reported By: Username6825
Reported Date: 17 Aug 2014, 20:08 PM
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  • Paul 18 Aug 2014, 12:03 PM

    If you work for legal you hear for slander? That person who write this stuff about me on the internet is already sued and the judge decision is to that person pay to me R300,000 until 1 November. You will be the next but I will ask for duble from you.I will keep you update!

  • Paul 18 Aug 2014, 09:32 AM

    Sounds like a scam. Actually it is a scam. Please remove your ads from gumtree you are waisiting peoples time and scamming them out of money. to Liam Just google your email address buddy. 9:19 AM (31 minutes ago) to Liam Cunt Liam Hale 9:21 AM (28 minutes ago) to me I will sue you today. Like the person who write that about me on the internet. Please contact that person and you will find from him as he must to pay to me R300,000, because I win at the court. I assure you as you will pay too. Person like you make me rich!I will keep you update!

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