Suhail Bhamjees false affidavits

Suhail Bhamjee of Kamunu Wholesalers has aided his father and their hitman in organised crime,by providing false affidavits to the police in an attempt to have me arrested.I proved that the statements were false as Suhail had manipulated the text message conversations he claimed were from me.The prosecutor threw the matter out of court.Desperate attempts by Suhail,his father Shiraz and their "hitman" have failed and now they have to be exposed,so that everyone knows what their evil tricks in business are.Heads up.Beware of these Bhamjees from Katima Mulilo,who have business interests in Dundee,as they have no scruples.These Bhamjees involvements in organised crime are serious matters,however they have manipulated law enforcement officers to keep them out of the limelight.But what they do not know is that google cannot be manipulated .Google Kamunu Wholesalers and read all the complaints.Sic. 

Report ID: 6893
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: KwaZulu/Natal
City/Town: Dundee
Suburb: N/A
Address: 34 Browning Street Dundee
Crime Date/Time: 22 Nov 2013, 00:11 AM
Reported By: Username6893
Reported Date: 2 Sep 2014, 12:09 PM
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