Break in and Armed robbery

On Wednesday the 6th August 2014 at about 2:32am I heard some noise in the house and thought maybe the was a rat in the I woke up to check, when I opened the door I called out my nannys name who was in the other room then suddenly a guys appeared from the kitchen with a gun pointing towards me..
.ii screamed and ran into my nannys room(Mathapelo) and tried to close the door. They guy pushed the door then I fell on the floor, he then told me to stay down and if I scream again he will shoot. He pointed a gun 2 my face and asked for money, he went to my room and came back with my car key, hand bag and cell phone (Samsung s4) and then he searched my bag and took R250.00 and some coins and then he asked for Mathapelos bag which he also searched and took her money and her cell phone Alcatel pixi.
He then told us to stay there ND not move then he went to sitting room and took the printer outside and it seemed like he had already taken the other things and the printer was last..... then he came back and asked if its my car that is outside then I told him yes.....he told my nanny that he is taking me with them and that she must stay and look after my son and not call the police...he left us again and I heard my car doors being opened and closed several times.then he came back and told me to come with him and that I must not make a noise or else he will shoot me. He told me to seat at the back seat and then he drove out with me....he drove around for a while and then he told me to cover myself with a jacket that was in the car. He said if I looked at him he will shoot me, then he drove again for some time then stopped and then I heard another car near by and doors opening and closing from my car. Then he came back to the car drove again for a while, then he stopped again and told me to get out of the car and when I got out he told me to get in front and drive home....i asked him were I was then he told me to just drive straight then I will find my way home. I straight and the saw the police van a the engen garage, I went straight to them and told them what just happened.

Items that were taken:
TV LG LED 43inch flat screen
TV Samsung plasma 42 inch flat screen
Samsung printer
Gigabyte laptop
Alcatel pixi one touch phone
Sony mgongo radio
Blackberry 9320
Samsung S4
My sons box of toys
USB victory modem
USB vodacom modem
My R250 cashThe Criminal was arrested last week on the 8th of Sept 2014, we went for an ID parade on the 10th Sept 2014 and identified him. apparently he claims he ws in durban, his name is Ayanda Jantjies and he stays in Tembisa. today on the 17th septmber he went for a bail hearing. i just pray that they dont release him because he was on bail for unother armed robbery case

Report ID: 6977
Crime Category: Break In - House
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: clayville
Address: clayville ext 26
Crime Date/Time: 6 Aug 2014, 00:08 AM
Reported By: Username6977
Reported Date: 17 Sep 2014, 14:09 PM
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  • ntm23440 1 May 2016, 10:42 PM

    do you know where this guy is at now? and i have had contact from someone using the same name and i want to check if its the same guy.

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