A man name Agent Phillip is running a scam in Gemiston Town, South Africa. He has scammed many people from the U.S. I know for a fact because he scammed my friend. He has a website called, Illuminati Club Biz online. His phone number is +27 78 426 5005, there address is 10 Van Riebeck House, Victoria Street, 1401 Gemiston Town, South Africa. I do not see how those people can run scams,  and get away with it, UK is known for scamming the U.S. This Agent Phillip ask people to pay $200" STRICTLY" through Western Union, and then he send them a fake illuminati application through email.

Report ID: 6989
Crime Category: Abuse
Province: Eastern Cape
City/Town: Queenstown
Suburb: N/A
Address: 10 Van Riebeck House, Victoria Street 1401 Gemiston Town, South Africa
Crime Date/Time: 2 Aug 2014, 00:08 AM
Reported By: Username6989
Reported Date: 18 Sep 2014, 23:09 PM
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