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During June 2014, Johan Homan of S.A. Crime advertised how he will assist you to collect or prosecute people who owe you money.  I went to CCMA but they would not help me as my ex boss would not pay my last months salary nor my leave pay out to me.  Johan Homan of S.A. Crime told me on the 4th Aug 2014, if I pay him R5000 he will have all my money due to me by the Friday 8th August 2014. On Wednesday he requested another R6500 for "cost" , Friday the 8th  I asked him where my money is, and he responded, I must pay anotherr R10000.00 and he will get an immediate attachment notice to attach the company's vehicles for my  money. His words, F@#$% them now we want R500000.00 and nothing less, we will attach there  vehicles and I will get my money.  On the 10th I was suspended and ordered to be off the property and out the house. I asked Johan Homan and Now, O I must move but the next week he personally will go up there and collect all the vehicles.  Then a week later he phoned me, or sms me to say they offer me 1 weeks salary plus i years leave money, but they owe me 4 years leave money.  I asked him how does that work, His response, no accepts it and we will sue them for the rest.  A month later still no money. Then I found out that the company actually paid him R15000.00 as part of the settlement. but still I did not receive a cent. Now on the 5th Ock, Homan do not answer any phone calls, but stole R22000.00 that I paid him, plus the R15000.00 that I know of, and goodness how much more. I was wondering if you could assist me in collecting my money from him? 

Report ID: 7087
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Limpopo
City/Town: Lephalale (Ellisras)
Suburb: N/A
Address: Lephalale
Crime Date/Time: 4 Aug 2014, 00:08 AM
Reported By: Username7087
Reported Date: 5 Oct 2014, 14:10 PM
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  • nopushover 30 Jan 2017, 05:17 PM

    This man is at it agin. This time in the East Rand area (Springs). Saying he can organise adoptions without going through a social worker or adoption agency. Luckily I twigged on that he was about to scam us when he said I would be registered as the birth mother and there was no social workers involved, and that he would set up the meeting with the expectant mother and arrange all payments. We would then just pay him back!!!!!!.
    Why is this man still operating and not in jail??

  • badbally 14 Nov 2015, 11:25 AM

    Yes...... been there and done that, he definitely is a fraud. We have him in high court currently for R125000 + " his costs" that he took from us. Also took took R70000 from us that he also collected, but we could not find enough proof to charge him with. There is a long list of people that have fallen under his scam. If people out there lay charges against him to build a track record, it would certainly assist the court in convicting him. We have to stand up on this one and stop him. He is scrupulous in the sense that he even takes from people that are really battling financially in life and cripples them even more with his cunning and force full ways.
    Feel free to contact me on for more info.

  • Robert Short. 16 Jul 2015, 07:26 PM

    Please if you have been taken by Johan Homan from, SA crime check PLEASE get hold of me on 0786124343 URGENTLY.

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