William Sibanda 060 474 5448 selling goods and not

Hi, William Sibanda 060 474 5448 selling goods and not delivering as he copies other people's adds. I am trying to get more info on this person to report him to the police, any information would be very helpful as he is registered with junkmail as you can see here. I am reporting him to all sites I can find him on as this is something I don’t want him to keep doing as so many people must have lost money before me and even more than I have. we purchased a front loader from  this person and paid delivery charges, the goods have not arrived. his phone is always off and if he answers he makes excuses saying he is having truck or car trouble or ran out of fuel on delivery etc. He calls himself William Sabinda and he has numerous things he is selling which we only stumbled upon after we started struggling to get hold of our purchase. He says he is from Ermelo. he has used Truck and Trailer, olx, ananzi and numerous other sites of expired adds. he also provides an FNB bank account number 62494369806. the verification shows the name matches but he provided ID number 7206082378083 and that on the department of home affairs site is saying non existent these are sites he advertised on.  http://ermelo.olx.co.za/uno-iid-722077823 - UNO for sale http://www.automart.co.za/cars/for-sale/fiat-uno-for-sale-in-good-condition-1997-id-1904471 - UNO for sale http://ermelo.olx.co.za/plough-iid-723882890 - plough for sale http://www.truckandtrailer.co.za/farm-equipment/for-sale/massey-ferguson-175-for-sale-in-good-condition-id-1904352 Tractor for sale http://ermelo.olx.co.za/massey-iid-723782994 - massey frontloader for sale. this is the original add we found that he stole the pictures and everything from http://www.gumtree.co.za/a-farm-vehicles-equipment/ceres/massey-ferguson-50-loader/1001188669030910350235509   do not trust this person! we are struggling to get our money back and no one wants to even help verify his details for us. more importantly he said us back on our development and we have lost so much due to the time delay he has caused and are suffering the losses.we called him and told him to deposit our money into our account as a way to buy time and in an attempt to scare him by saying if he doesn't we will report him for fraud. he is still answering his phone and is arrogant and say, what fraud did i commit yet he is using other pictures of things he doesn't own and stealing money. 

Report ID: 7099
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Mpumalanga
City/Town: Ermelo
Suburb: ermelo
Address: ermelo
Crime Date/Time: 6 Oct 2014, 00:10 AM
Reported By: Username7099
Reported Date: 8 Oct 2014, 13:10 PM
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  • sharon Knowls 1 Feb 2015, 10:52 PM

    Hi Please will you send me there contact details so i can look in to this fot you forensics@devince.com

  • Gibson 20 Oct 2014, 01:26 PM

    look out another advert by this person, he calls himself Jame cell number 0768134075.

  • Username7099 16 Oct 2014, 03:18 PM

    oh gosh, i am so sorry, the worst part is we have researched and FNb will not siisue a refund unless the account owner authorises it and as a banking institute they are no help considering they aiding a criminal. i have been told by old that if i open a case they can provide all his details if subpoenaed by the police only. we should definitely approach FNB again so they can freeze his accounts. i may not be able to get my money back but i will ruin his life as we work hard and sars makes us pay so people like him can sit at home and rob hard working people like us. keep me posted if you get any more information. i will see what we can do on this side. goodluck

  • Gibson2 16 Oct 2014, 02:49 PM

    he said stays in seshego 7175 zone 4 and his brother is vincent sibanda

  • Gibson2 16 Oct 2014, 02:28 PM

    I have just paid this guy money for the three disc plough to this FNB bank account 62494369806 his name is William Sibanda id 5909117564083. it seems that i have also been robbed!! his number is 0727142548 this advertised on Junk mail

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