I recently (10days ago) moved into a house which we purchased in Sharonlea. 2 days later, Friday the 3rd of October, we were suddenly exposed to raucous music with ear deafening bass which makes the windows tremble and only escalates as the evening progresses and this not restricted to a Friday evening. Since then Police has been phoned (who tells you to phone back again to get a reference number), Estate agent has been contacted, because quite frankly they can have the house back.   Anyhow, it turns out the shopping complex across the road have tenants which stretches beyond retail…well legal retail purchases. The specific tenant is a restaurant that seems to double up as a night club. Off course no one knew of this before the time, not the estate agent who is an area specialist or the seller. Be it as it may, the property was sold to us ex-Eastern Cape residents, who after a year and 6 months in Johannesburg were none the wiser.   Aside from the fact that I am a rate payer, property owner and therefore entitled to certain rights and obviously aggrieved by the fact that I now have to google soundproofing solutions, purchase ear plugs and before long the purchase of sleeping tablets, I cannot understand why these people are operating in a predominantly residential area.   I have investigated the situation and found that this matter has been raised by a couple of Residents associations’ over a couple of years and Sector 1 Police is involved, but not sure to what extent. The question that remains is who allows these people to get away with it. I understand the country is full of crime, but please come to my house at 21h00 and I’ll gladly open to anyone who wants to partake in the spectacle.   Seriously, who are the owners of these dodgy shopping complexes where more illegal drugs are bought than food? Are you that desperate for rental income that everyone else, residents who were there long before anyone else, has to suffer in the process.   What am I supposed to do? Is litigation the answer?

Report ID: 7111
Crime Category: Noise
Province: Gauteng
City/Town: Randburg
Suburb: Sharonlea
Address: cnr of Malibongwe and Olievenhout Street
Crime Date/Time: 9 Oct 2014, 00:10 AM
Reported By: Username7111
Reported Date: 10 Oct 2014, 14:10 PM
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