Bribery requested by police officer

My wife was driving into Piet Retief. We are temporarily living in SA and do not know the area well. She didn't see the 60kph speed limit sign and did not slow down soon enough for the town. We were pulled over by a police speed trap. The police officer asked me to join my wife at the side of the road with the express intension of asking me for a bribe. He explained that he asked me to join my wife because I "would understand the situation". I let him do the talking and he asked me "to help him out with some money" otherwise he would fill in the police report. He said that if I gave him money he would not fill in the report and would delete the record from the camera. I am shocked by this example of corruption. I would be more than happy to assist the police in bringing this officer to justice. RJM

Report ID: 717
Crime Category: Corruption
Province: Mpumalanga
City/Town: Piet Retief
Suburb: Centre
Address: N2 southbound towards town centre
Crime Date/Time: 16 Nov 2010, 00:11 AM
Reported By: Username717
Reported Date: 25 Nov 2010, 10:11 AM
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  • Report A Crime 25 Nov 2010, 01:02 PM

    Damn, crazy! And did you pay him? Did you report this to your local police station?? Etienne

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