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Today I am still without utilities. I went to the Germiston Magistrates court yesterday and got an order against the landlord Alf Fouché. I travelled to Pretoria where he lives and made sure the police handed the document to him. I am 85 years old and am on a waiting list to live in a retirement village. 
I had a verbal agreement with Alheit, and his wife Hester Fouché to rent a cottage at his private home school Totustuus registration nr GDE reg:EN700400628 at 20 Hull Street, Sunnyridge.
The agreement was that he does not want to sign a lease agreement and that I can "rent for three months from 1 October 2014, then we will talk after that", was his words. On 2 October 2014, I paid R2500 into his FNB account. I bought pre-paid electricity and he is using the electricity for his school. So it appears to me.
The place was very dirty and he sent someone to clean. It still was not clean. The shower does not have a door (is standing aside). 
I cannot shower. He told me to repair the shower door and deduct it from the rent for November 2014. I told him I do not trust that. He put that in writing on WhatsApp to my daughter. (She got into trouble with him to deduct repairs from the rent where she is renting the two bedroom house on the same premises. Him and his wife made terrible scenes at her workplace and sent defaming character after my daughter made an agreement to rather pay the rent and not deducting the repairs from the rent. They are two persons who cannot be trusted. Their words cannot be honoured). Fouché said the neighbour will repair the shower door. Until today it never happened. The whole bathroom is under water when I am showering and it is very dangerous because I can slip and fall.
On 13 October 2014 he told me in the presence of the children at his school, that I have to leave by 30 October 2014. That is not 20 days notice to start with. He defamed me in the presence of children that I do not know.
From 13 October 2014, he does not greet me, and the children are extra noisy.
On 27 October 2014, his wife Hester was here with an aggressive attitude and hints. She went into the main house unlawfully and took the pre-paid meter away. I was about to load pre-paid electricity and now it is impossible. Fouché also switched off the water on 27 October 2014. I have been deprived and disturbed of enjoying use of the property, shower, doing dishes and laundry five days before the end of the month. I did absolutely nothing wrong. 
I am very depressed because of the treatment. I owe no-one money. This is the fourth time that I am treated like dirt by a landlord. I always pay my rent. 
I am not going to move out by 31 October 2014, because there is no water and electricity to do the dishes, to do my laundry and clean the place.
On 29 October 2014, Fouché sent a woman to tell me to be out by Saturday 1 November 2014. I am claiming from Fouché to pay the moving company, they are also coming to pack, to pay me for suffering the last five days of October 2014, after I paid rent.
Some of my belongings are packed in boxes and stored in the wendy house and outside. Two of the boxes are emptied.
I know very well that you actually protect the landlord, but I am going to report this wherever I can. The law is on my side because I paid my rent, I am an honourable person and I did nothing wrong to deserve this.I cannot cook, because I have 12 units left. Fouché took the pre-paid machine and prevents me from loading electricity.I do get one meal from Meals on Wheels Monday to Friday. That is one meal per day. I cannot cook breakfast or dinner because there is no electricity.This is abuse at its best. I cannot watch tv and I did not shower now for four days. It is against the constitution and the World Health Organisation. The children here at his school are allowed to smoke here at my front door and windows. That is against the rules of the Department of Education and bad for my health.I am still waiting for Alheit Fouché to switch on the electricity and water. The magistrate has the proof that I paid for everything that I had to. I suspect that Fouché is going to be a bravo because he is an "old policeman". There is still no electricity and no water. He needs to be arrested. 

Report ID: 7211
Crime Category: Abuse
Province: Gauteng
City/Town: Germiston
Suburb: Sunnyridge
Address: 20 Hull Street, Sunnyridge
Crime Date/Time: 31 Oct 2014, 00:10 AM
Reported By: Username7211
Reported Date: 31 Oct 2014, 06:10 AM
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  • Username7348 14 Nov 2014, 01:01 PM

    Verry sadd story this is indeed abuse do u have a number,,,I have a room on my property that u can use for aslong as you need to

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