One other man by the name of Daniel Hlongwane claimed to be selling stands in my area on behalf of another company called Ruskologix (PTY)LTD. I paid a deposit of R25000 last year November 2013 to buy a stand for my parents  in Grace Land Evaton West, the balance of R65000 was to be paid by installments for 24 months. The agreement was that I can build a shack on the stand once the deposit has been paid. After paying I went to clean the yard in preparation to put on a shack. Only to find that there were no services at that side of the area. I spoke to him and he told me to wait for two weeks and sewerage system will be in place. I called him in two weeks , he said I should bear with them they are waiting for municipality, he will call me once all is done. I waited for his call. After a month when I went to check I found out that the house has been built on my stand. I went to his house I could not find him, I phoned him He never picked his phone , I called the head office number which appears on letter of purchase. I spoke to Viola, She said I should fax every thing to her, including deposit slips. After receiving everything she later returned to me saying that they would refund me if they had received the money, but apparently Daniel gave me his own bank account number to deposit the money, it was not head office’s bank account. She then told me that I have to find my money from Daniel not them. I tried to reach Daniel after five months I got his new cellphone number, He told me that he will refund my money but he lost his ID he is still waiting for it so that he can access the money from the bank. I called him after two months he said the particulars of his new ID were incorrect he had to return the ID and he is waiting for a another one. After six weeks I called him he said he went to the bank unfortunately he was not aware that he needs to give a 32 days notice to access R180 000 that is in his bank account, so he will refund me after 32 days. I called him again after 32 days, He said the bank said he should come next month there has been a little bit of misunderstanding. The following month I waited for his call. In August 2014 my husband bumped unto him while he was passing in that area. He told my husband that he will give my parents another stand, he showed him three stands to choose from. My husband came home , told me about the three stands , I went to see them. Then we phoned Daniel because now a letter of purchase has to be changed to one of the stands he showed my husbands. Unfortunately he had changed his phone number, we never reached him again. On the 3rd of November 2014 I got his new cell number from Viola. I called him , his son picked up the phone, I gave message to his son, that we need to meet  his father concerning  the new  stand he showed to my husband , he should let us know when we can meet. He never returned to us. I tried many times to call that same number it was not answered. I even left text messages. Till today no one answers the phone anymore. I got a friend to try to help me to trace the legitimacy of this company, she called Viola who said that she no longer works for that particular company. She called another number on the letter of purchase The person said the company has closed down, She asked where the company was situated , he said he does not know where the company was situated. She called the third number The person said the company is still operating but he does not work for it anymore. As for Daniel he has disappeared, even his family has moved from where they were staying, It has been a year I have never met that man again. I used to go to his house and never find him and his wife would say she will pass the message.

Report ID: 7244
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
City/Town: Vaal Triangle
Address: Graceland
Crime Date/Time: 3 Nov 2014, 00:11 AM
Reported By: Username7244
Reported Date: 7 Nov 2014, 11:11 AM
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