Pet/kitten purchase fraud

Our maine coon cat died and we were looking for another one.  This advert had the most beautiful kittens.  I responded to a Jules de Klerk.  Then Carrick Hartley Lowell emailed me to say that they would "vet" me to see if I was a suitable cat owner.  I sent them pics of my previous kitty and told them how distraught my small kids had been.  they were totally thrilled when they emailed me pictures of the of the kittens.  wE decided to take 2, @ R2K each.  Carrick then called me telephonically and toldme which two would suite my family and said did I want to go and collect the kitties.  I said yes, he then told me that they were actually in Swellendam and would fly them up to me with the next two hours.  I just need to transfer the money to him.  He asked me which bank we banked with and He then sent me an email detailing how to do a cash send payment to his cell phone.  078764060,  Like a foolish clot I did it. He then said it would be better if the cats were sent up the following day.  My children woke up at 4.45am so excited.  I paid the balance and phoned him, he said he was at the airport and would sms me the flight details shortly.  he then phoned me and said the crate for the kittens wasnt suitable and it needed to be a temperature controlled one as the weather was poor.  "Check your email quickly because the kitties are booked to fly in 30 mins" please quickkly eft the refundable amount of R5050 to an ABSA account - you bank with ABSA dont you so it will reflect immediately he said. He kept phoning to see if I had done the transaction as time was running out.  I di it and then immediately felt that he might have conned me.  I phoned ABSA and asked if the account number provided was in the name of Animal Taxi, needless to say it wasn't and the money had already been withdrawn - five minutes after I had eft'd it. my husband and I both phoned him and told him he was a con artist.  he was all affronted at first and then said that we had better stop our disgusting behaviour toward him as we were not fit to have his kittens??????? He then told us that he had our physical address for the dleivery and that we had better sleep with one eye open because he was going to send somebody to get us!!!  Needless to say no kittens arrived and no flight info was provided and no money has been returned. it was all the most awful hoax.  He even went so far as to say that he was a family man and had children himself and would never dream of doing something like this to children who had been so traumatised by the death of their kitty.  These are the other numbers that he called me from 0743798220, 0781130401

Report ID: 7336
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: houghton
Address: swellendam/sandton jhb
Crime Date/Time: 22 Nov 2014, 00:11 AM
Reported By: Username7336
Reported Date: 23 Nov 2014, 15:11 PM
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  • Bianca7 30 Mar 2015, 05:42 PM

    Please beware of this Scam Artist,she is Black with a Horrible Accent,she even sent me a Fake ID,she claims to be selling Bulldog Puppies,her name is: Evelyn Lobelo and email address:,Phone Number:0711582307 ,she scammed us R3000 and was demanding More Money from us,asked her for Our Refunds and she won't Pick Our Calls..

  • Bianca7 13 Mar 2015, 04:24 PM

    We Recently Got scammed by a Lady in KZN she Contacted us for an english Bulldog,We Couriered the Bulldog to her,she had to Pay us on Delivery,Petlounge Confirmed she Picked up the Puppy and till date she Hasn't paid the Money into Our Account,she now avoids Our Calls,her name is Orlanda Maria Clara Brown , address, 56 Currie crescent Queensburgh 4093 Cell: 0824495367 husband cell 0824495368 home no 0314648459. her Email address is:

  • Suzette8 5 Jan 2015, 11:02 AM

    I contacted him today and asked if he accepts cash on delivery, needles to say I'm still waiting for a response. Real animal lovers would be happy to meet their dogs new owners and accept cash upon collection. I do a lot of online shopping and really believe things animals should not be purchased online. Unfortunately there are just to many fraudsters out there.

  • Username7336 17 Dec 2014, 07:57 PM

    Anyone who believes that these guys aren't fraudsters is miscue. Friend of mines sister was also caught with French bulldogs - she phoned her bank halfway through transaction and managed to get half her money back. Very much doubt that "Russell" is a legitimate individual who actually received cats. Pretty sure that Carrick has caught onto the report a crime website & is now pretending to be a legit recipient - next he will be posting images of the so called pets that have been received - too many reports that corroborate the fraudulent transactions

  • Russell 17 Dec 2014, 01:06 PM

    Thank you Carrick,Received my Kitten today,Picked Him up from the arrivals at the airport with No Stress.Thank you Very Much.

  • Allistair Dull 11 Dec 2014, 09:57 PM

    Same numbers and same address. Hope the address is legit bevause he messed with the wrong guy. Also has a caoitec bank account. Acc# 1397420225. I would like everyones assistance in getting this guy. He will pay

  • Bianca7 10 Dec 2014, 04:40 PM

    OMG!!i ordered an English Bulldog from Carrick and it was delivered right at my home in Johannesburg Today...Thanks to Carrick,my Puppy is healthy and delivery was done in time..

  • Anneen Esterhuizen 6 Dec 2014, 10:37 AM

    Almost caught us with English bulldogs...thank goodness I googled his name and came upon this website!!

  • Username7336 1 Dec 2014, 03:08 PM

    The address they gave me also 9 Murray Road Swellendam

  • Username7336 1 Dec 2014, 03:07 PM

    It is def the same people. I reported them to ABSA who said that the account was not in the name of any animal travel agency

  • WAJ Pretorius 1 Dec 2014, 06:35 AM

    This number to 0787864060 with Rottweiler puppies all looks legit 9 Murray st Swellendam Western Cape .And E mail From account Number 62504473589 FNB his ABSA Account number 92991113044

  • Username7336 23 Nov 2014, 03:15 PM

    the other telephone numbers they called me from were 0781130401 and 0743798220

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