Toyota Scam

Notification from Toyota!!!You have won a brand new Toyota yaris 2014 model, ref no: (ty664).Contact helpline on 0764884643 for your claim and activation.These scams need to be stopped.  The same cell number is used for the OMO comp.

Report ID: 7383
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: KwaZulu/Natal
City/Town: Amanzimtoti
Suburb: N/A
Address: Cellphone
Crime Date/Time: 1 Dec 2014, 00:12 AM
Reported By: Username7383
Reported Date: 1 Dec 2014, 11:12 AM
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  • Douw99548 30 Aug 2016, 08:58 AM

    Received Today: Notification form Toyota!! You have won a brand new Toyota Yaris Car 2016 Model, Ref TY112SA Contact 0742945434 for more information and claim.. Was sent from +27 73 1842580

  • Bosbaba 17 Sep 2015, 09:29 AM

    I've received this message now for the 6th time. Its becoming a pain in the bud, just because I'm being spammed. NOTIFICATION FROM TOYOTA! YOU HAVE WON A BRAND NEW TOYOTA YARIS CAR 2014 MODEL. WITH REF NO SA14UK PLEASE CONTACT MISS DALEEN ON 0793191330 FOR CLAIM. The number it was sent from +27 63 013 9706

  • shameez 20 Jul 2015, 09:05 AM

    NOTIFICATION FROM TOYOTA! YOU HAVE WON A BRAND NEW TOYOTA YARIS CAR 2014 MODEL. WITH REF NO 0017UK PLEASE CONTACT MR PHILLIP ON 0766626000 FOR CLAIM. Recieved this shortly. The number it was sent from 081 3889805

  • Quinton2 15 Jul 2015, 09:43 AM

    Just got the same sms... Have to contact Monica on 0624706106 for more information... I am not an idiot! Cause if you win a brand new Car in July 2015 and the year model of the car is 2014... LMAO

  • Dewald du Plessis 13 Jul 2015, 10:36 AM

    Got a similar sms on Saturday 11 July 2015 where the contact person is indicated as Felicity with number 0792916160. I did phone her this morning because I do enter plenty of competitions, okay I provided the information she requested. The line were very bad so I couldn't enquire about which competition but I did asked the guy who phoned me back from 0218274062, I thought, wow that's a nice promotion but already questioned the legitimacy of it. When he said I must pay R1500 for delivery cost, I knew something is not right. Out of curiosity I've asked- what if I prefer the monetary value and not the car, I must pay R2000 for that process. I immediately search for Toyota dealers in the Western Cape, didn't found a 827 number, that was give-away of scam. So went just a bit further and googled the whole 021 number, which let me to this.

  • letitia9 15 Jun 2015, 01:36 AM

    just a message a few minutes ago wich says "NOTIFICATION FROM TOYOTA COMPANY,YOU HAVE WON A BRAND NEW TOYOTA YARIS CAR 2015 MODEL WITH REF NO:010SA,CALL MISS SHARON ON 0844606095 FOR YOUR CLAIM"is this a scam or what?

  • schalk2 18 May 2015, 01:41 PM

    receive same sms and same text i got a call from h.o 0218274062 and the told me to pay r1850 for insurance of car and papers etc.This is not the first time i receive such sms and nothing came of it

  • AME 15 May 2015, 07:50 AM

    Same scam on 13 May from 0723376419. The problem is that they will catch people like this. If you google this number you will see they use any product and any brand name to try and scam people

  • Jopie Basson 8 May 2015, 08:42 AM

    I received the same message today 08/05/2015 from 071770915 I must contact agent at 0723376419

  • desire 19 Mar 2015, 01:24 PM

    I got a sms about winning a yaris and should pay R2250 for insurance. Is this a scam?

  • Username4686 2 Feb 2015, 03:29 PM

    Same sms, same text, sent from 27836859450 0836859450 They're still going.

  • Toyota Scam 17 Dec 2014, 11:18 AM

    Notification from Toyota!! you have won a brand new Toyota Yaris car 2014 model, Ref T122SA contact miss Samantha on 0792916160 for your claim T@C's apply. Please someone stop these people from scamming others. Is there no way of stopping them? It's such a shame.

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