OLX transfer fraud

I am selling an item on OLX. Had a message and several calls from a 'Sam' on 076 097 6562 who wanted the item. He said he could not meet me as he was in JHB however he would do an EFT transfer and send his driver to collect. Sent the bank details and about an hour later I received an sms to say S Dladla transferred Rxxxx into my account. The sms looked exactly like other transfer sms' from Nedbank. 'Sam' however had paid in more that he should so I contacted him and told him to give me his bank details and I will transfer the extra amount back to him once it cleared. He said no worry if I can just pay the driver the extra money when he collects - this was the first red flag for me. A driver arrived to collect and I spoke with the driver who turned out to be a taxi courier who does not know Sam and was only called shortly before to collect a parcel and deliver to JHB - second red flag. I did not give him the extra money and asked that he tell Sam to send his bank details and I will transfer. The driver then said he will then have to ask Sam to pay him for the courier service. 10min later I received another deposit SMS for a fair big amount from S Dladla and I called him to ask what this is. He answered the call and said that he had made a mistake and that money was supposed to be paid to a Garden Service who did his garden and he asked that I transfer the money into an account immediately as the people were waiting for the money - another big red flag. I said not possible and that I'd have to wait for the money to clear before transferring again. He put the phone down. I called Nedbank to see if they would verify the sms' and they warned me against possible fraud. I immediately called the Driver who collected the parcel as he had given me his card. He was just about in JHB when I asked him to return the parcel to me as I needed to have the money cleared before handing over the goods. I said I would pay him for the travel he had done. He thankfully turned around and brought the parcel back to me. I gave him more than he would have made for the delivery and spoke to him again about Sam. He said he was called 15min before collecting the parcel by Sam whom he does not know and asked to pick up the parcel and that I would pay him - all a big scam! Both me and the driver were just about taken by this! Meanwhile Sam called me 7 times and I did not answer, I sent a message saying I need the money to clear before I let him have the parcel. He was very annoyed and msgd that he can send me his ID and that the parcel was a birthday present. I politely apologised for any inconvenience caused and said my bank has warned me not to hand over anything until transfer money clears first and so I needed to wait and was willing to have the parcel delivered to him once the money cleared. Subsequently, obviously, absolutely no money was transferred afterall and thankfully I managed to stop the delivery of the goods. A warning to everyone selling over these sites or anywhere, don't hand goods over until the amount owing is cleared and you are able to withdraw it. Cash and personal handover in a Public place is the safest way to manage the selling of items.

Report ID: 7499
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: Waterkloof
Address: OLX
Crime Date/Time: 15 Dec 2014, 00:12 AM
Reported By: Username7499
Reported Date: 16 Dec 2014, 14:12 PM
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